What kinda vegan am i? & Adulterators

What kinda vegan am i?

As a “Christian Vegan Nomadic Wandering Spirit Traveler Bboy Artist Missionary Freegan Urban-Farmer Eco-Villager Trainer”

Being a Vegan in Modern Times, must mean to not use any animal products nor consume.

And I think that is possible to live a lifestyle, it’s healthy and positive. Especially considering the fact that we live in modern times where the only way to live as a vegan, we need to rely on technology today where it helps to encompass and carry out that vegan lifestyle.

Although if we did not have the resources and modern technology, say for instance if you were surviving alone in the wild. What could you possibly eat? Well animals must be the main source of protein, where on earth would you get tofu, or legumes, rice, etc.? It will take months to grow/harvest/cook. And you simply couldn’t possibly rely on edible plants as the only source of protein to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore I think only in this nature it is evidentially permissible. Because God gave man permission to kill animals to eat for food. As it says in the bible, although, what I truly believe from this context.
I think God gave permission to eat animals for man’s survival. B/c back in the early bible days, modern technology wasn’t as advanced as what we have today, therefore there was no way to eat tempeh or tofu or any vital vegan forms of protein.

Now if you live as destitute in the wild, surviving alone. Then yes eating animals Is okay.
As long as you thank and give a prayer to the animals you hunted after. Sending the condolences for God’s creation.

But the problem with modern society today is that man is so accustomed to eating animals because of the outpour of media brainwashing millions through tv/media/radio/fast food restaurants/pop culture. and really, it’s adulterating animals as man’s only source of consumption, when we’re taking advantage of God’s creations for our own selfish pleasures.

Yes I believe that everyone is designed biologically different, and that our gastrocentral system and diets are designed to each his own. Vegan diets may not work suitably for everyone. Although at the same time I believe diets can fluctuate and reprimanded through much discipline and focus on customization overtime. All it takes is consistency, patience, and time. Practice makes perfect.

And at the same time I also believe it’s not healthy mentality to focus on animals as the only source of protein or fashioned material products (make-up, coat jackets, clothing, etc.). Because its fricking 2013! If you live in the year 2013+ and in a modern society with vast library of knowledge/resources/technology, then you don’t need to rely on killing animals for your own self consumption/consumerism. It’s not healthy mentality nor physicality.

And that’s what man is now today. We have become adulterators in everything.

Men adulterate women having lustful images.
People adulterate animals to eat.
Society adulterates facebook.
Everyone adulterates judgmental perception.
People adulterates credentials.
Women adulterates fashion into scandalous promiscuous clothing.
Industries adulterates products into over-consumerism.
Churches and Schools have now become into adulterated business profits.
Pastors have now become adulterated as business-men.
Christianity has now become adulterated into denominational principals.
The Bible has now become adulterated into many bible translation copies.
Ministries have now become adulterated into small businesses.
Christians have now adulterated their walks to rely more on Books and Speakers, rather than personal time in prayer and the word.

Really. What Happened to this world we live in?

Let us go back to not being blank canvas and not over-rely on something. Organic Raw Pure Natural.


Now for me.
I do not like to eat meat nor use any animal products.
After self educating myself in veganism. Everytime I see meat on a plate, I cringe. I get this “image” of an animal being slaughtered and other gutsy gory types of things I don’t like to see when eating. So the whole time I am a vegan. But when it’s training day for a sports performance competition, I have to go raw vegan. And When I am going to a family dinner, I’m forced to eat meat just for their “tradition”. So I do, but honestly I hold my breath and eat.

My family knows I am a vegan, but it’s a big disappointment in our tradition if I don’t consume the meat they cook for on special occasions.

And that is the only time I will eat meat, which only happens annually, ONCE a year.

Last resort to eat meat: if I was surviving alone in the wild. 

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