alot of uneducated minority races dislike caucasians. 

because it started out with institutionalism. the europeans (namely: the british/english) created the institutionalism theory. which brought it over to govern over the natives. 

now im pretty much against institutionalism. the whole project is stupid. it only perseveres power. 

even college is geared towards institutionalism. degrees are geared towards institutionalized careers. you dont really get to do what you wanna do in life, just governed and manipulated under control by the institution. 

college is a waste of time. unless you wanna be a doctor or a lawyer, then by all means go to school!

but you dont need to run a business, to get a business degree.
or be a pastor, to go to seminary school.
etc. etc.

for example my dad never finished college, but he was able to run his own business, and made $10k per week. mortgage and real estate for over 40yrs. 

sometimes i wonder why am i in school in the first place, im studying nutrtiion bs. 
and i know for certain that i wont be working as a dietitian in a clinic/hospital. 
nor am i even interested in an internship.

all i just want is that stupid initials next to my name just so i can prove to myself i actually accomplished something for once. 

man i really hate school though. just sitting here in school, listening and taking notes, studying for the exams when i know all the stuff im doing is not going to apply in my life nor in real life situations. its a catch 22.

all i really wanna do in life is just start my own business in Vegan Personal Trainer.
and then move to montana and serve YWAM & IHOPKC. 



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