new job

so i started working at a new vegan restaurant. 

prep cook.

never felt so busy in my life.

but its been good.

im now a few months in my vegan diet. 

i feel great. but been having strange nightmares that im eating meat and fish. and the cows and fish say EAT ME EAT ME

just last night, i had a dream i was eating chicken, it was weird. i woke up like WHEW thank God that was just a dream.

just been working out lately, 2 months in.

now i need to stop eating complex carbs. like pasta and rice and bread. no more that stuff is making me fat. i need to lost weight pronto. gonna try to lose weight by july.

been running lately. 3 hrs of cardio. 30 min hike/power walk. 30 min run. 30 min bboy cardio. 30 min footwork cardio. 30 min bike. 30 min skateboard. 

running never felt so good, but just got a whole lot harder. 

trying to get six pack abs by july. before big break.

goal as of now: get abs. thats all i want. need to erase this belly fat. 
and lose weight in my neck, jaw, and face. got too fat lately. 

mon, wed, fri: all ive been doing is just arms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, necks, forearms, chest, incline, wings/lats.

tues, thurs: stretch, cardio, abs.
sat: legs
sun: rest.

from may to jul.

then from jul to aug: include parkour/bboy conditioning

by aug: enter competitions.

this is bboy training competitions. 


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