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Human’s first response: emotions vs intelligence

Human Beings do not respond to intelligence first. People respond to emotions first. So if a post, text, verbal had intelligent content but the tone was not perceived on a bright end note, then nothing else matters.

i have to learn how to speak/post/text with a better tone. 

i never meant to come with bad intentions. only so concerned with the objective of content, rather than including emotional tone. 
Now it all makes sense why feedback comes off negative.
People think that im here to attack/insult, nope, just trying to be an eye opener to what’s going on. 

I also learned, before i write a post. Always be clear-minded before i write. Never write half sleep/ half tired/ Dizzy or sick: #impulsive: public can perceive it as arrogance & immaturity.

(but really. i also thought about it more deeply. who am i writing to? for people? or for myself?)

Something I meditated over the week: It’s not one human being that is perfect. Everyone is immature. Even myself. But I think it’s the fact that we only let our immature self arise at moments when we choose to be. 
So Yea sure, if i write a post, i write it from the heart, but it can also be perceived immature to those reading it in regards to those who dont really know me. did you ever think that you are not so perfect too? that you too are immature, so what makes it right for one person to judge another just bc one person is perceived immature at one moment in time, when you may just be doing the same thing in your own bedroom where no one is watching you. we talked about this in men’s small group earlier: must be a #self-esteem issue. #eye-opener.

and when immaturity arises and becomes your reputation. people do not want to associate with you. how is that right? when the same people are also immature too when the curtains close.

am i just the one who has no problem with not being afraid of being myself in public? people will get judged always, im facing this fact and learning how to deal with it.

God wants veganism

the human body was designed to eat a vegan diet. proof: read the book of genesis. “and God saw that man ate herb bearing food and said it was very good (ethically correct).”
yet after sin came, God allowed animals to be used for a secondary consumption option, never did He state it was ethically right, just allowed.
eating meat as the only source of protein consumption and consistency will lead into chronic diseases like cancer, stroke, cardiac arrests, obesity, and more. meat has no benefits to any health. it takes 1.5hr to absorb nutrients vs a plant-based diet takes 7secs instantly. 
people are just disillusioned to the fake taste of meat, and commercialized brainwashing of media and government. enhancig the flavor of meat with salt and other refined or processed spices will only add toxicity and acidity in your body and kill tastebuds. best way to cure your taste is to eat vegan without salt etc, do it naturally. 

although in the new testament jesus says it doesnt matter what you eat to bring clarity to the nazarite culture (since nazarites are vegan too). but i really believe we were all supposed to be vegans.
did you kno jesus was a pescatarian? (<– thats a type of vegetarian). 

i kno for a fact noah and daniel were vegans. 

this is more than a diet, its a lifestyle, its a new way to improve brain activity, it opens a new portal to be able to recieve prophetic wisdom, you become smarter, you can think clearer, your memory improves, your body is healthy. and your always calm!

eating meat makes you become more violent, angry, and abusive. no wonder why the gym rats are so emphatic about angst. thought it was a steroid issue. now it makes perfect sense! its definitely the flesh these carnivores are eating, yall acting like a bunch of tyrannosaurus rexes while me im just calm like a brontosaurus.


the revelations really speak to me through my walk of interpretations. now you may not understand completely where im coming from nor agree/ not believe in anything im saying, thats fine, bc your not me, and you are you, so you have no idea what i am experiencing, as well as i do not have any idea to what your revelations are in your walk too. but from my prophetic encounters in this journey, i just believe in what i believe. its not a core doctrine so of course its unscriptural, church was also not a core doctrine either and a bunch of other stuff. however that’s part of the journey for understanding God’s intentions. it’s not a one way street, its a relationship: God lays down the word, and its up to us to try to figure out the depth of it.

for example, what really happened during the enscenes of jesus’ youth development. how come it does not state anything in the bible what jesus was doing when he was growing up in his teen years. it only says stuff when he was a child and then boom fast forward he’s 30 now. through alot of research&praying with one of my closest friend, we actually believe he must have been with the nazarites during that time.or the 7 letters.

which is why i also believe that daniel received prophecies triggered on the vegan diet. now there are other ways that’s not affiliated to veganism to receive prophecies such as samuel. however daniel speaks to me the most bc we are both vegans, and im encountering alot of new prophetic revelations on veganism. it makes alot of sense to me in my walk. just the science of vegan nutrition combined with the spiritual mediation construct makes complete logical sense to me. if i really had to do a powerpoint presentation on what ive been experiencing, it might make sense to you, but it would take me a couple of weeks to really process all the data into one schematic. 

i could not agree more though with praying in thankfulness. as God did allow animals to be eaten. and he does forgive bc you gave thanks in the offering of animals for your consumption, that’s good  but really…why would you want to harm your body when you know that if you transferred to veganism it would be good for you. it’s not a sin to eat animals, and veganism is not a core doctrine either. so do what you want. however God only just want to help you live healthy. 

like early recordings of first documented vegan happened in 2000 BC.
the reason why noah lived for so long til he was 300+ was on the vegan diet too. that’s what veganism can do to you, it makes the elderly look young and live longer, just look at the research, there are many many case studies of some vegan elderly who look like there 25yrs old but are actually 75 or 98yrs old. and there was even another recording in the 1916 i think where a chinese man lived to be 256yrs old based on the vegan diet. 

and look at adam & eve. they started out as raw vegans. ate nothing but the fruits and plants in eden. that is also how animals started out eating too: just plants. our teeth is evidence: our teeth are shaped in the way of herbivores, we do not have sharp canines that can tear into flesh. 
animals eat other animals bc they run on instincts. i watched a documentary the other day, where they took a puppy and gave it only a plant-based diet as it’s only food source, years later that same puppy is a full grown daddy dog eating the same plant based diet. 
and then watching another clip of a pack of dogs used as an experiment, to see if they would enjoy eating a dead deer in the woods, the dogs ate the entire deer out on instincts. thats the difference btwn animals VS humans. Humans have moral judgment, we have free will, so we can make choices in what we eat. animals do not, they just do without morality. 

but eversince sin came into context, adam & eve’s subconscious clouded and humans became lost in authority. see back in the eden days, adam was appointed as the authority in God’s garden kingdom. it was Adam’s job to show what it means to be a leader in the garden kingdom, so that all the animals would respect, listen, obey, and look to Adam for guidance. And that is what happened.
But then when adam & eve ate the fruit of knowledge, all wisdom flew out their mind, and worldly knowledge came and filled the gap. which also makes sense why humans now today became adulterators in almost every facet not just sexual immorality, but eating meat too. people have adulterated animals as it’s only source of “protein” or relying on animals over-consumption. animal cruelty exists bc people had forgotten why we were chosen to be the appointed leaders in His kingdom. Not for a status or title, but to help care for God’s creations. perhaps theres a reason why environmentalism exists, not bc recycling is a trend, but to take care of God’s 2nd kingdom too, the earth, the plants, the animals, and people.

 and i believe thats how animals began eating other animals bc after man became lost in authority and banished from God’s garden kingdom. the garden kingdom (eden) no longer had a physical authority figure to look to for guidance, and then the minds of the animals were no longer filled with obedience of the spirit but running wild on instincts. and since there was no leader, animals ran wild and did what they did to survive physically.

bc a physical being needs to have another physical being to look for guidance. it is very difficult as a physical being to look to a spiritual being for guidance. which also makes sense why Jesus is became our guidance, bc God came in physical form, so looking to Jesus was our guidance.

the same idea with: animals without an authority in physical form, can be difficult to train. bc in a metaphorical way, we are almost like animals, if Jesus didnt become in physical form, we would have a hard time to look for guidance too.

The REAL Tithe

God’s house is church. however, church is not defined as a building property. church is not physical material. church is community. and community is mean body of christ, although body of christ does not limit to the confines of church. the body of christ is the entire world. structure is good but power manipulation in structure is wrong, that leads to institutionalized churches. i dont even think we need a building to have church. just meet every sunday in a park or on the streets for service, what could possibly be wrong with that? its organic. lets do it just like the book of acts 2. tithe means to give from the heart for the people who need help, not tithe to give to the lavish pastors or luxurious church buildings. tithe to the poor, the disabled, the widows, these are the people who need it. and this is what God was trying to tell us. stop trying to manipulate the malachi context

organic community bible study

Organic Community Bible Study VS Institutional Community Bible Study:

Here’s an idea God showed me through a vision:

Instead of the way Institutional Community Bible Studies objectify, where small groups are divided and processed where one leader leads the entire session on what He/She wants to discuss, and all the other rest of the individuals are subjected to let the system take over our perspective all for the sake of accentuating the institutional guidelines by authority. ß sounds a lot like how a business works.

^ this kind of limits us in a box to not be able to think with our free will minds and if we were to challenge the system, then it labels us as BAD. Also giving the us the door to be kicked out by the authority. This is slightly a contradiction too, because if the ability to not think in our own point of view based on free will is wrong, then that also means that we are meant to be ruled like mechanical robots with no choice to live and think how we want to. Which also coincides with the ability of free will given by God.

Is a community REALLY based on a family with the SAME CLONE Mentality, beliefs, agreements?
I honestly do not think so whatsoever. That’s not even a community at all, no diversity, no individuality, we would all live in content knowing that we all think the same, choose the same, see the same, feel the same, live the same. How would we learn anything from each other? That’s more like a dictatorship. All subjects listens to one leader based on His/Her’s interpretation of what their path is speaking to Him/Her, rather than considering what the individual’s pre-destined course could be.

What an Organic Community Bible Study would look like:
a Small group is joined together and instead of being given one single topic chosen by the leader. Everyone chooses their own topic and book. All are assigned a homework assignment book report to study and read their assignment and write up a report on how it speaks to them and how they interpreted in their own individualized way. We all then come back and share. With no accountability, and no discussion forum panel, and no discernment, and no condemnation or rebuking.
Then we switch books with a chosen person, that person will read what you did your report on, and you will do vice versa. Comeback the next time and share what they’ve interpreted. Partner up on a new book and do a project together, come back next time and share what they’ve interpreted.
and next session is including visions, prophetics, intercession, and dreams.
After entire program is over, current members cannot come back, all past assignments are destroyed, and only new members and new facilitators just facilitate…so that the point is that we would have no source or model example that may limit our deep thinking ability and free will. And rely totally in spirit and on the word in the personal individualized journey of a God-centered self.
There are only facilitators and members. No appointed leaders. The only shepherd is jesus, always visualizing in intercession to know character of Him, and we are his sheep.

I hope for something like this to happen soon in the near future. 


this is what i have learned thus 5 months to share to facebook:

make everything in life: God-centered. 
before the day starts, put on your armor.
rely on God first and fully and always.

be about: God-centered mentality vs the worldly mentality. 

the worldly mentality is all a lie from the devil. 

popularity contest, reverse psychology, mental games, tough love, arguments, emotional intimacy, money, power, insecure leadership, proud humility = worldly mentality.

and always look to Christ as your role model, he is the truth.


Saddest love is to try so hard and yet always feel like you don’t measure up and you disappoint…

Greatest love is “to just be” and know that there never was a “measuring”…

Fully seen… Loved.

if God doesnt exist then..

I ran into an atheist today telling me God doesn’t exist. 

So I decided to write this up.

If God doesn’t exist, then…

1.) Love wouldn’t exist. The world would be chaotic if we were to treat people as conditional love and not unconditional love. If that were true, then friendships would be structured as “May-weather friends” (friends only come out when the sun is out, but when it rains, they aren’t there for you.)
Then the love within a family would also be conditional, based on action/behavior/feeling/outward appearance. 

2.) if evolution theory were true, then how in the hek would we as humans receive moral judgment in the first place? The difference between animals vs humans is that animals run on instincts, humans run on moral judgment. There are already research studies that infants right after birth, already have a keen sense of moral judgment, knowing the difference to what’s right vs wrong. 
If we actually evolved from monkeys, then how the hek would we acquire the ethics of moral judgment in the first place, did it somehow magically appear manifested within our evolved psychological dna?
No. the biological science does not relate to ethics. The only evidence to learn to know whats the difference between right vs wrong and fairness and equality and ethics of moral judgment is if someone older with more experience or higher wisdom authority taught us, and if parents helped emphasize those ethics to a child through child development education, then where would those parents get the same knowledge and those parents before that and those parents before that? Lets go back to the beginning in Adam and Eve. Therefore it makes complete sense that adam and eve was not just some fairy tale story, God was the one who laid down the fundamentals of how we should make an opinion for careful decisions on cognitive thinking. 
If we were like animals, then we wouldn’t care and do things how we feel like. Therefore that’s the problem with this secular world we live in now. Through the amplified media & popculture of society, this generation is getting worse and worse, bc most of the population in the world choose to rely on instincts and feeling. And call things like immorality apart of human nature. If that were true, then why on earth would Jesus come to earth in the first place to be our redeemer? If it were true, then we wouldn’t need Jesus in the first place and continue to use human nature in accordance to live just as an animal would, and partake in all kinds of animal like behavior, like sexual orgies. Moral judgment is free will, God gave us free will, that’s what separates us from angels and animals. 

3.) and if free will didn’t exist which came from God, then the ability to hatred, challenge, sin, diseases, anger, and all other bad fruits and good fruits wouldn’t exist based on the choice to do so. Bc here we are talking about the psychi behind the action. How does violence exist? Violence would exist by 2 options: A.) on instincts just as animal would, or B.) caused by hatred or anger.
And B.) is the psychi source that would trigger that action to exist. And if free will didn’t exist then we wouldn’t know how to induce hatred in our minds nor feel spiritual emotion inside. We would just only do what we need to do in order to survive just like a tiger would.

4.) we would live as one dimensional lives. We would have no pre-destined course, there would be no such thing as fate/destiny. We would already know our one way street to live on this earth. We would be limited in a box to only do one ability alone. And if that were true, then there would be no absolute meaning to life, which also means there is no such thing as philosophy, or the ability to seek out the answer to what you’re looking for in life whether it be a calling or something to motivate you to find a purpose in what you wanna be in life. And if that were true then we would also be mechanical robots, if we had no purpose in life, then we would be content with living in a limited structure as plain and monotonous as the world turns. How boring!

5.) then science and reason wouldn’t exist. In order for science and reason to exist, free will needs to come in play, and free will is none other than ethics of moral judgment, and just as what I said in #2. If we did not have any free will then we wouldn’t need to challenge any system or conjure up any thought inquiry, and we would not need to try to figure out any thing in this world, since we are contented beings who know that the meaning to life is to just be born and get a job and work for the rest of your life until you die. How else will science and reason start to come about in the first place?? You tell me!
It’s none other than triggered by Free Will!
And where did Free will come from? And the rest is history.

6.) Someone else take a shot at it. Drop something in the comment box.