“Money, the root of all evil and yet

“Money, the root of all evil and yet we all need it to survive”.

only if you wanna survive in a society of institutionalism – then yes.
otherwise – no.

its not money that is to blame for stealing, kill, change, crazy. thats something called “greed”. not money.

money does buy food, shelter, financial issues, but that’s only permissable within an institutionalized society. there are also other societies out there not just in america who do not go by the institutionalism method and therefore money is not the congregation choice.

not money, its just commercialism that brainwashes people to inhibit the mind with the fueled pride of greed.

lots and lots of commercialism: (tv, youtube, newspaper, news, pop culture, society, culture, sub cultures, taboos, radio, entertainment) 

i mean if you lived in a world with no commercialism and no marketplace containing commercialism. then the human mind would only see money as a utensil, seeing as how the mind cannot be inhibited by the object, unless the triggerpoint was initiated by a mental factor like “greed” (which is a inspired notion referenced from commercialism)

i think the best way is to train your mind to not rely on money so much and not be so brainwashed by commercialism especially the way america pushes it so much its disgusting.

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