true friendship is

“if one person does not fall on the same beliefs that we believe in christianity, does not mean they cannot be our friends anymore. Friendships in this day and age, has been navigated on the concept of same beliefs, philosophy, mentality, perspective.

Now i realize why i have alot of friends who have nothing in common with me, and neither our beliefs are the same nor is our mentality the same, but that doesnt mean we should become enemies. Look at it back when you were little.
When we were very little at the age of 6, we became friends with everyone not because we cared if they had anything in common with us or had the same beliefs. but because we just liked each other already, and invited each other for sleep overs or to play hide and seek. now look at us now, fast forward, those same childhood friends, started to slowly disperse because friendships nowadays are ruled by same beliefs, same mentality, something to have in common with, familiarity.
i believe this is an insecurity trait, to feel comfortable within something that boosts your self esteem because it makes you feel good that you agree on the same thing, and you dont want to deal with arguing.
But you simply wont learn anything new about yourself and about each other or the world, if you dont choose to stay open minded and embrace variety.

that’s why its important to live just like a child and approach the world as a kid. because children know how to love naturally. we are all children.
immaturity does not define children. immaturity was only triggered by selfishness.
so when you see a full grown adult acting “childish”, it is not he who is acting child-like, but he is actually acting selfish.friendships arent centered on same mentality, perspectives, beliefs, agreements, philosophy, interests. friendships are centered on love & acceptance. even though if we dont agree to the same things, dont mean im not going to stop loving you and does not mean im not going to stop embracing you.i believe there is a importance to be friends with all including your enemies. be friends with your muslims, atheists, buddhists, agnostics, mormons, catholics, jehovah witness, protestant christians, home church movement practicioners, etc.

you can choose to make a world for yourself to live in, if by any means you dont want to deal with any arguments or stress upon yourself. that’s fine and the comfortable life. but think about it now,
“My friends are ex-killers, my boys are drug dealers, if you dont approach my brothers with love how will they just feel it?”

if you disagree with a person and choose to not be friends with him/her anymore, that is basically the EASY way out! wouldnt that contradict to what it means to be a christian in the first place, to the great commission not based on the laws, but based on HEART? to love people not based on what we agree together or same interests, but based on love for them.

True friendship is a relationship not based on same goals, interests, ethics, mentality, etc. even if we have many many disagreements or differences. True Friendship is based on unconditional love.
Just as Jesus is there for you, I made a promise to be there for you too. There is no compassionate people in this world nowadays. No one cares about anyone unless there is an agenda or self goal.
As a Christian I am here to make sure i impact a life through Christ’s honest and sincere love.”

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