my firm beliefs

worship was amazing last night. thank you new song covenant community group. i got so caught up with work, that i almost forgot about the most amazing intimate form of expressing my love for Abba. twas a special reminder!

but now i have to speak my mind about some things that i just feel so strongly about in my faith. it started in Nov ’12, i wasnt sure if it was the time to speak about it, so italked to a good pastor rick buddy of mine, and prayed more about it. the more ive been experiencing all these churches here and there and getting deeper in my walk, im kind of like flabbergasted that the church community here in the DMV area, is just so brainwashed by institutionalism. 

I’ve been praying for a long time for the past 8 months. If i were to say this, I know many many pastors on facebook reading this and other people who do attend an institutionalized church will get offended and will be like “my brother i will pray for you!” (<— that is simply a condescending prayer, because i never asked for a prayer, simply judging me in disagreement of my beliefs and not fully getting the 100% idea of where im trying to get my point across, to jump to conclusion quick and call me a heretic pharisee.)

But I’ve had enough with all these fabricated manipulated ideologies. And the more I continue to dig deeper, the holy spirit is telling me to stand up for once and speak about it, even though many many many christians will judge me and think that I am heretic pharisee.

Since when did Christianity become a “Science”? its about RELATIONSHIP.

I’m at the point where I am getting tired of it all. 
What the hek happened to church nowadays?
I read this book called Pagan Christianity by Barna, Viola.
That pretty much sums up where I stand. 

This is what I strongly believe in:
1.) There should be no denominations in church.

2.) The Body of Christ does not justify on standards in the church,
The body of Christ exists through out the entire whole world.

3.) Church is not a building, it is you! The Bride of Christ is not church, the bride of Christ exists within you!

4.) Churches nowadays have become a business now, that’s where institutionalism falls into context. it’s all about money, control, manipulation (from congregation/elders), power of man.

5.) theology has turned into a science.

6.) Community Bible Study does nothing good out of it, except in regards to the one leading it. 

7.) I am absolutely against institutionalism in church. It’s like a bunch of clones, the community within institutionalized churches all have the same mind, the same perspective, the same beliefs, on the science of the influence of persuasion from that one leader who has a phd or mdiv. (<—grant it, even though i know how stressful it is being a pastor, so much pressure and eyes looking up to you. is being a pastor all about image now?). Yes it is on the authority of God, but to a certain extent, its based on the interpretation of the director’s own perspective & revelation, how do we know for certain that could mean the same answer for all of us either. and through the leader’s interpretation of how the scripture means to Him outlies power+control.

8.) Since when do we have to be accountable of others with the word? Since when was it our obligated responsibility for others paths to be straight? It wont help because the ultimate responsibility is that person alone, not you nor I. it’s their own path that they need to take and fulfill. Because God designed everyone for a different purpose, so a revelation they face can speak differently to each other. By simply trying to make someone else’s path straight into what we see through our own eyes, is not helping because that’s just being judgemental, we dont really know the full 100% of the idea of who they are and what they were designed for, therefore our job is only to love. & not try to manipulate their paths using our own intake from authority of God’s word in how it speaks to us. because the word can be interpreted differently from another person in a whole ‘nother shed of light, hence why we get revelations that speak in diff volumes from each other. therefore love is by far the greatest power and approach to guide people in their destiny. for it is not our hands to manipulate their lives into their course, but it is our hearts that they will conceive from and be inspired to find their own course, it is through love that opens this portal. 

9.) There is no such thing as being a “baby christian” or “old christian”, that’s just a term created by insecure leadership. We’re all the same, because we will always learn something new each day through this walk. Just because one person was a new-born yesterday, doesnt mean we have the authority to judge them in superiority, because our paths are already further on from them. 

10.) You dont need to go to seminary school to be a pastor or become stronger in your walk with Abba Father. Seminary school will only change your perspective into the congregation’s perspective. That’s not what God designed you to copy someone else’s point of view or manifested interpretation of the bible.

11.) christianity isnt a religion, it’s a relationship. it’s only considered a religion in societal’s institutional ideas. and since it is a relationship, that means to have a personal relationship with Abba & Yahweh. You’re only wasting time when you rely more on what your pastor says or what your peoples tell you. Because like i said, everyone is designed for a diff purpose. for example, not even my closest friends who ive known for 15yrs+ know the deepest secrets about me, nor do i know theirs, nor do they really really know the full spectrum of who i am, they’ve only seen 4-7 facets of my persona. The only person who really knows you is God. thats why when you rely on someone else other than God for the answer, you wont find the answer, you’ll only be judged and criticized and perhaps steered in what they think is best for you. 

12.) I dont believe in judging nor discernment. We were never obligated to do that as a full time occupation. It was only an option allowed by Yah. I believe in a thing called “Love”.

13.) I dont think I ever want to go to another seminar event again. Every seminar event I’ve attended within the past year or so, has almost always been circumferenced around institutionalism. it’s wack. and it contains insecure leadership. 
i got called out several occassions in public just because I’m being myself. So what if im not praying loudly, does not mean Im not praying! I like praying quietly and to myself. That’s How God wanted me to do it, He designed me that way. 

14.) I dont believe in going to church to get spoon fed. That does no justice. 
It is our own responsibility to feed ourselves. through the engagement of our own personal relationship with Christ, and not try to rely on a bunch of famous speakers. That’s why i choose to opt out of pastors relaying their message during service, i simply do not see that as a benefit. that’s why i only go to church for 7 reasons: fellowship, worship, prayer, mediation, intercession, revelation, relationship.
every message ive been to for the past 8yrs was a helpful reminder to something i already knew. 

15.) emphasize worship and prayer
because intimacy is far more important than the over-analyzing of “context by context” approach in scripture. 
Ask yourself, do you want Jesus walking with you everyday of your life? Or do you so love the knowledge that you want to be the most intelligent man on earth to become a theologian instead?
Do we as Christians exist in the mind? or do we exist in our heart?

16.) And if one person does not fall on the same beliefs that we believe in christianity, does not mean they cannot be our friends anymore. Friendships in this day and age, has been navigated on the concept of same beliefs, philosophy, mentality, perspective.

Now i realize why i have alot of friends who have nothing in common with me, and neither our beliefs are the same nor is our mentality the same, but that doesnt mean we should become enemies. Look at it back when you were little. 
When we were very little at the age of 6, we became friends with everyone not because we cared if they had anything in common with us or had the same beliefs. but because we just liked each other already, and invited each other for sleep overs or to play hide and seek. now look at us now, fast forward, those same childhood friends, started to slowly disperse because friendships nowadays are ruled by same beliefs, same mentality, something to have in common with, familiarity. 
i believe this is an insecurity trait, to feel comfortable within something that boosts your self esteem because it makes you feel good that you agree on the same thing, and you dont want to deal with arguing. 
But you simply wont learn anything new about yourself and about each other or the world, if you dont choose to stay open minded and embrace variety.
This is why I am very much against “One-Race” churches. Korean churches, Hispanic Churches, Caucasian Churches, African American Churches. What is all this?
I thought America was “melting-pot” for a reason. 
We need to be diverse as possible, i think one-race churches are initialized by the insecure to find familiarity to feel comfortable. that is fine, but to govern your life on a one-race lifestyle is very unhealthy, because its not only cliquey but at the same time SHELTERING. 
God never designed us to live with a one-race governed lifestyle. 
that’s why its important to live just like a child and approach the world as a kid. because children know how to love naturally. we are all children. 
immaturity does not define children. immaturity was only triggered by selfishness. 
so when you see a full grown adult acting “childish”, it is not he who is acting child-like, but he is actually acting selfish. 

17.) and what is this crap?
during service: women on one side, and men on the other side?
how does that define the true terminology of being a brother in Christ or Sister in Christ?

I could name so much more, i remember i wrote a full on 8 page essay about some of the issues i do not agree with in institutionalized churches. but i’ll stop for now.

you know after 7yrs of church hopping, and 7yrs going to a baptist church simultaneously. I finally found my new home, but i pray that this new church i am attending currently will not lead into institutionalism again, or else i may have to leave again.

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