organic community bible study

Organic Community Bible Study VS Institutional Community Bible Study:

Here’s an idea God showed me through a vision:

Instead of the way Institutional Community Bible Studies objectify, where small groups are divided and processed where one leader leads the entire session on what He/She wants to discuss, and all the other rest of the individuals are subjected to let the system take over our perspective all for the sake of accentuating the institutional guidelines by authority. ß sounds a lot like how a business works.

^ this kind of limits us in a box to not be able to think with our free will minds and if we were to challenge the system, then it labels us as BAD. Also giving the us the door to be kicked out by the authority. This is slightly a contradiction too, because if the ability to not think in our own point of view based on free will is wrong, then that also means that we are meant to be ruled like mechanical robots with no choice to live and think how we want to. Which also coincides with the ability of free will given by God.

Is a community REALLY based on a family with the SAME CLONE Mentality, beliefs, agreements?
I honestly do not think so whatsoever. That’s not even a community at all, no diversity, no individuality, we would all live in content knowing that we all think the same, choose the same, see the same, feel the same, live the same. How would we learn anything from each other? That’s more like a dictatorship. All subjects listens to one leader based on His/Her’s interpretation of what their path is speaking to Him/Her, rather than considering what the individual’s pre-destined course could be.

What an Organic Community Bible Study would look like:
a Small group is joined together and instead of being given one single topic chosen by the leader. Everyone chooses their own topic and book. All are assigned a homework assignment book report to study and read their assignment and write up a report on how it speaks to them and how they interpreted in their own individualized way. We all then come back and share. With no accountability, and no discussion forum panel, and no discernment, and no condemnation or rebuking.
Then we switch books with a chosen person, that person will read what you did your report on, and you will do vice versa. Comeback the next time and share what they’ve interpreted. Partner up on a new book and do a project together, come back next time and share what they’ve interpreted.
and next session is including visions, prophetics, intercession, and dreams.
After entire program is over, current members cannot come back, all past assignments are destroyed, and only new members and new facilitators just facilitate…so that the point is that we would have no source or model example that may limit our deep thinking ability and free will. And rely totally in spirit and on the word in the personal individualized journey of a God-centered self.
There are only facilitators and members. No appointed leaders. The only shepherd is jesus, always visualizing in intercession to know character of Him, and we are his sheep.

I hope for something like this to happen soon in the near future. 

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