God wants veganism

the human body was designed to eat a vegan diet. proof: read the book of genesis. “and God saw that man ate herb bearing food and said it was very good (ethically correct).”
yet after sin came, God allowed animals to be used for a secondary consumption option, never did He state it was ethically right, just allowed.
eating meat as the only source of protein consumption and consistency will lead into chronic diseases like cancer, stroke, cardiac arrests, obesity, and more. meat has no benefits to any health. it takes 1.5hr to absorb nutrients vs a plant-based diet takes 7secs instantly. 
people are just disillusioned to the fake taste of meat, and commercialized brainwashing of media and government. enhancig the flavor of meat with salt and other refined or processed spices will only add toxicity and acidity in your body and kill tastebuds. best way to cure your taste is to eat vegan without salt etc, do it naturally. 

although in the new testament jesus says it doesnt matter what you eat to bring clarity to the nazarite culture (since nazarites are vegan too). but i really believe we were all supposed to be vegans.
did you kno jesus was a pescatarian? (<– thats a type of vegetarian). 

i kno for a fact noah and daniel were vegans. 

this is more than a diet, its a lifestyle, its a new way to improve brain activity, it opens a new portal to be able to recieve prophetic wisdom, you become smarter, you can think clearer, your memory improves, your body is healthy. and your always calm!

eating meat makes you become more violent, angry, and abusive. no wonder why the gym rats are so emphatic about angst. thought it was a steroid issue. now it makes perfect sense! its definitely the flesh these carnivores are eating, yall acting like a bunch of tyrannosaurus rexes while me im just calm like a brontosaurus.


the revelations really speak to me through my walk of interpretations. now you may not understand completely where im coming from nor agree/ not believe in anything im saying, thats fine, bc your not me, and you are you, so you have no idea what i am experiencing, as well as i do not have any idea to what your revelations are in your walk too. but from my prophetic encounters in this journey, i just believe in what i believe. its not a core doctrine so of course its unscriptural, church was also not a core doctrine either and a bunch of other stuff. however that’s part of the journey for understanding God’s intentions. it’s not a one way street, its a relationship: God lays down the word, and its up to us to try to figure out the depth of it.

for example, what really happened during the enscenes of jesus’ youth development. how come it does not state anything in the bible what jesus was doing when he was growing up in his teen years. it only says stuff when he was a child and then boom fast forward he’s 30 now. through alot of research&praying with one of my closest friend, we actually believe he must have been with the nazarites during that time.or the 7 letters.

which is why i also believe that daniel received prophecies triggered on the vegan diet. now there are other ways that’s not affiliated to veganism to receive prophecies such as samuel. however daniel speaks to me the most bc we are both vegans, and im encountering alot of new prophetic revelations on veganism. it makes alot of sense to me in my walk. just the science of vegan nutrition combined with the spiritual mediation construct makes complete logical sense to me. if i really had to do a powerpoint presentation on what ive been experiencing, it might make sense to you, but it would take me a couple of weeks to really process all the data into one schematic. 

i could not agree more though with praying in thankfulness. as God did allow animals to be eaten. and he does forgive bc you gave thanks in the offering of animals for your consumption, that’s good  but really…why would you want to harm your body when you know that if you transferred to veganism it would be good for you. it’s not a sin to eat animals, and veganism is not a core doctrine either. so do what you want. however God only just want to help you live healthy. 

like early recordings of first documented vegan happened in 2000 BC.
the reason why noah lived for so long til he was 300+ was on the vegan diet too. that’s what veganism can do to you, it makes the elderly look young and live longer, just look at the research, there are many many case studies of some vegan elderly who look like there 25yrs old but are actually 75 or 98yrs old. and there was even another recording in the 1916 i think where a chinese man lived to be 256yrs old based on the vegan diet. 

and look at adam & eve. they started out as raw vegans. ate nothing but the fruits and plants in eden. that is also how animals started out eating too: just plants. our teeth is evidence: our teeth are shaped in the way of herbivores, we do not have sharp canines that can tear into flesh. 
animals eat other animals bc they run on instincts. i watched a documentary the other day, where they took a puppy and gave it only a plant-based diet as it’s only food source, years later that same puppy is a full grown daddy dog eating the same plant based diet. 
and then watching another clip of a pack of dogs used as an experiment, to see if they would enjoy eating a dead deer in the woods, the dogs ate the entire deer out on instincts. thats the difference btwn animals VS humans. Humans have moral judgment, we have free will, so we can make choices in what we eat. animals do not, they just do without morality. 

but eversince sin came into context, adam & eve’s subconscious clouded and humans became lost in authority. see back in the eden days, adam was appointed as the authority in God’s garden kingdom. it was Adam’s job to show what it means to be a leader in the garden kingdom, so that all the animals would respect, listen, obey, and look to Adam for guidance. And that is what happened.
But then when adam & eve ate the fruit of knowledge, all wisdom flew out their mind, and worldly knowledge came and filled the gap. which also makes sense why humans now today became adulterators in almost every facet not just sexual immorality, but eating meat too. people have adulterated animals as it’s only source of “protein” or relying on animals over-consumption. animal cruelty exists bc people had forgotten why we were chosen to be the appointed leaders in His kingdom. Not for a status or title, but to help care for God’s creations. perhaps theres a reason why environmentalism exists, not bc recycling is a trend, but to take care of God’s 2nd kingdom too, the earth, the plants, the animals, and people.

 and i believe thats how animals began eating other animals bc after man became lost in authority and banished from God’s garden kingdom. the garden kingdom (eden) no longer had a physical authority figure to look to for guidance, and then the minds of the animals were no longer filled with obedience of the spirit but running wild on instincts. and since there was no leader, animals ran wild and did what they did to survive physically.

bc a physical being needs to have another physical being to look for guidance. it is very difficult as a physical being to look to a spiritual being for guidance. which also makes sense why Jesus is became our guidance, bc God came in physical form, so looking to Jesus was our guidance.

the same idea with: animals without an authority in physical form, can be difficult to train. bc in a metaphorical way, we are almost like animals, if Jesus didnt become in physical form, we would have a hard time to look for guidance too.

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