Human’s first response: emotions vs intelligence

Human Beings do not respond to intelligence first. People respond to emotions first. So if a post, text, verbal had intelligent content but the tone was not perceived on a bright end note, then nothing else matters.

i have to learn how to speak/post/text with a better tone. 

i never meant to come with bad intentions. only so concerned with the objective of content, rather than including emotional tone. 
Now it all makes sense why feedback comes off negative.
People think that im here to attack/insult, nope, just trying to be an eye opener to what’s going on. 

I also learned, before i write a post. Always be clear-minded before i write. Never write half sleep/ half tired/ Dizzy or sick: #impulsive: public can perceive it as arrogance & immaturity.

(but really. i also thought about it more deeply. who am i writing to? for people? or for myself?)

Something I meditated over the week: It’s not one human being that is perfect. Everyone is immature. Even myself. But I think it’s the fact that we only let our immature self arise at moments when we choose to be. 
So Yea sure, if i write a post, i write it from the heart, but it can also be perceived immature to those reading it in regards to those who dont really know me. did you ever think that you are not so perfect too? that you too are immature, so what makes it right for one person to judge another just bc one person is perceived immature at one moment in time, when you may just be doing the same thing in your own bedroom where no one is watching you. we talked about this in men’s small group earlier: must be a #self-esteem issue. #eye-opener.

and when immaturity arises and becomes your reputation. people do not want to associate with you. how is that right? when the same people are also immature too when the curtains close.

am i just the one who has no problem with not being afraid of being myself in public? people will get judged always, im facing this fact and learning how to deal with it.

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