The REAL Tithe

God’s house is church. however, church is not defined as a building property. church is not physical material. church is community. and community is mean body of christ, although body of christ does not limit to the confines of church. the body of christ is the entire world. structure is good but power manipulation in structure is wrong, that leads to institutionalized churches. i dont even think we need a building to have church. just meet every sunday in a park or on the streets for service, what could possibly be wrong with that? its organic. lets do it just like the book of acts 2. tithe means to give from the heart for the people who need help, not tithe to give to the lavish pastors or luxurious church buildings. tithe to the poor, the disabled, the widows, these are the people who need it. and this is what God was trying to tell us. stop trying to manipulate the malachi context

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