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On Thursday’s “Fox Report,” anchor Shepard Smith interviewed Sarah Preston, writer and editor for, who had her own advice for Dickson’s career advancement. “I would have told him to go to first, second, third, fourth and fifth” [bases].

Preston told Cybercast News Service that she was questioning Dickson’s sex appeal, not his religious convictions.

“I’m not belittling Bruce’s Christian beliefs, but I do think being in tune with one’s own sexuality goes a long way in being confident with yourself,” Preston said. “Confidence is key, especially for ‘American Idol.’

“These kids become sex objects, thrust into the spotlight,” she continued. “And while I know they’re all trying to stand out, especially during the audition period, using your Christian beliefs and the fact that you’ve never kissed a girl is not going to bode well for you while trying out to be America’s next big sex object.


Preston needs to go stfu. this worldly view of confidence is the wrong mentality.

I admire this Dickson guy. and support him 100%


christ’s love

christ’s love vs worldly love

christ’s love: unconditional, true love, runs on the heart, bonds with the truth, gives light.

worldly love: runs on the mind, no truth just compromise, gives no light, conditional.

christ’s love: marriage in lasting love.

worldly love: marriage in business-ship of compromise.