the bible is only just a tool, nothing more.

i dont think the bible can even come close to understanding God’s mind.

i think the only way we can truly understand God is through relationship in our own individualized walk in time.

the bible is only just a tool. but even now the bible is only a modern translation from it’s ancient derivative. there are things the bible doesnt mention that surfaces in our walks.

so this is to say that not everything has to be limited to only the bible in comprehension.

people just wont get it bc they are so confined into the boxes of dependently solely on bible, rather than the 5 other constructs & christian life.

we’re not meant to be theologians. we’re meant to be sons & daughters of the most high, only trying to understand the king’s purpose by going through this yellow brick road.

“do you have scripture to back it up?”


then how is it true? just bc its not in scripture doesnt mean there’s some truth to it.
you gotta think outside of the box here. you cant just expect every answer to be in scripture.
the other avenue to find answers that arent in scripture is through relationship, walk, prayer, God, and trying to figure it out on your own too.

and even if there was scripture provided, it wouldnt bestly 100% define your answer.
bc everyone interprets a scripture differently based on their own perspective.
how do you think we have diff versions of the bible today? from niv, kjv, esv, etc.
they’re all diff translations of the bible which were deciphered from the ancient scrolls written by prophets. and what is a translation? it’s an INTERPRETATION from one individual based on his/her own perception, on how they view the word.

How do we know that this can speak for everyone else’s journey? We dont. and i can surely tell you it wont.

the only way is if we stop trying to push things down people’s throats. and just use it for our own walks.

bc that’s the only thing that matters in the end. what’s going on in our life.


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