I dont like you, But i Love you

I don’t like you, but I love you.


This sounds confusing.

As I began to ponder about it as soon as I woke up, staring at the ceiling thinking about it.
Talking to God about the topic. (Praying)

Liking someone is you are able to get along with the person bc you agree to their beliefs, viewpoints, and opinions on life. Disliking is the same with in disagreement.

And if beliefs is just man’s ultimate self knowledge, and that knowledge is nothing more than just worldly knowledge. And if knowledge can only be just knowledge, then it really doesn’t matter. 

wisdom and knowledge is two total different areas. Wisdom is from God, knowledge is of man.

That’s why they call it EL DORADO. Not bc of the gold in material feel, but gold represented knowledge to them. Knowledge was gold! So it became the city of “gold”, which was actually the city of “knowledge”. Bc to man: knowledge is power.

But what I’ve learned is that knowledge is only “worldly power”.
wisdom is TRUE power. That kind of power can only be attained through God…to truly understand wisdom, you must drop all self-knowledge & go to God.

Bc if you really think about it. so what if you went to a prestigious school, with many phd degrees, and have been featured on tv & media, published 11 books, became an official spokesman, etc. and now you have this kind of “title” in the world. but really it’s nothing more than just self knowledge & worldly power. It doesn’t really mean anything in the end, it’s just living in the moment that people get so emotionally reacted to your success. Your image has become this top respected idol. The real knowing is wisdom of God, and to get there…. there is one simple ingredient. Drop your knowledge period.

BC ultimately that is it!
Wherever there is knowledge, then there is pride. Depends how near you go: it can be self-pride (the bad pride, ego) or it can be the good-pride (to fight for a cause, nfl redskins pride, school pride, etc.).

so coming back to topic…
to like someone is in agreement of their knowledge reflecting your knowledge.
and to love someone is to accept someone already just as is, without knowledge or entitlement being a requirement.

So this is what is the very hard tricky part I have experienced in life.
It is incredibly hard to agree with someone if you don’t agree to their beliefs.
And it is even more tough to love that same person if you  don’t see eye to eye with them.
Example: How can you love a racist if you do not see eye to eye with them?

But as it is said in God’s word, we must love them.
And this is not just limited to in the bible, but I am learning why as I journey through life and get older with God’s wisdom shedding light on me day by day.
It’s bc I am just as much of a person as the next man, we are all the same, equally human beings. For it makes no sense to not love each other if he is my brother & she my sister. We are one big family on earth, we are all children of God. It’s just knowledge is what clouds our vision.

Knowledge is Sin. Sin is Knowledge.

I am learning a lot about myself even more clearly. That I have not yet agreed to many people’s beliefs. Why am I the most unique different person there is? Why can I not agree to people’s opinions either? Why can I not get along with people based on beliefs?

The ultimate gift God gave you is not talent, it is PERCEPTION.
As an Artist, my unique perspective helps me to look at things in a different view, which is how my art looks the way it looks and is appreciated. What I have learned is that for people to really understand me is through my art. For years, people could not truly understand the way I view the world, even in writing they could not follow. But when they look at my art, it makes more sense to them how my perspective is and they understand how I am the way I am.

See, a lot of people don’t like me bc they don’t understand me. And what I’ve learned is that no matter how many years you try to understand me personally, you stiil wont GET it! I found a huge shortcut, and it is through art. Bc one of my closest friends still didn’t get me, until I showed my art and he finally understood how I am the way I am.

Human beings also needs to comprehend things visually. That is why whenever writing is involved, it must include visuals, to capture attention of reader and create pictures inside their imagination to help the reader understand more clearer. If writing had no visual, then readers cant understand. This research was found in TEDxTalks. I’m just writing it to emphasize.

We don’t have to like each other based on perception & knowledge, bc those are worldly ingredients that don’t mean anything in the end. The only thing that matters is learning to love each other in this world. 

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