learning curve: NEVER TOO LATE


What makes a person have high learning curve?

It all has to do with perception. Nothing to do with skill/talent/years of experience/intelligence.

So there’s a reason why kids have a high learning curve than an adult in any sport.
Bc they view the sport sort of like a play thing, taking it on like a video game, everything is fun about it to them. And that’s how they succeed, bc they learn how to have fun with it.

Whereas adults, we forget about fun aspect. And we take it too serious, and we think about it more on a competitive base. When we think way too much or over-obsess about it, we forget how to have fun. And we don’t win.

How to beat the system. Learn to have fun. View the world as if it is a playground. You will win.
for example: that’s how shaun white became successful, he said he just rides bc he loves it, not to win anything. He also said to win a gold medal, he never cared for it, he just wanted to put himself to the limit, test his ability. But notice when he started taking the sport too serious and competitive, he started failing.

with this being said. it is never too late to do something or be somebody.


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