Perception is God’s gift to you

The reason why PERCEPTION is the ultimate God-given gift….is bc it is the ultimate source for how things become the way they are. It was never talent or skill to begin with, those are just things that came later up in the process. Bc not everyone was born with talent/skill, we had to find out what our talents/skills were first. Talent/Skill could only be best developed if our perception played into it.

For example:
What make’s a unique dancer? Is not based on his unique talent/skill. But based on his unique perspective. And what makes it unique? Is how his perspective reflects his personality.

And it doesn’t even need to be an art area necessarily. It can be anything:
from military, training, science, math, art, business, politics, agriculture, biblical, philosophy, law, school, etc.

you look at all the successful people in the world. part of the reason why they are successful is through hard work, but the other 50% is based on perception. They believed in themselves, so they took risks. But they believed in themselves based on their perspective.

Look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg: you didn’t have to be super smart, it’s just how they learned how to shift through the system based on their perspective…(which made them even more smart as acknowledged by people bc they found a way out of the system. it’s like a Mario game, why go through 100 levels to get the gold, when you can go on this shortcut and find the gold in 2 min. that’s smart)

It’s the same with Albert Einstein. It’s not that he was super smart, it’s just he had a different perspective than most people, he viewed the world in a different light. And he found the theory to quantum physics through lucid dreams.  And I guess through how he sees the world, society acknowledges him as being super smart and genius.

I could name a thousand more examples:
Bruce Lee, Michael Jordan, Abe Lincoln, JFK, Clinton, Joan of Arc, Young David, etc.

And people are not born “genius”. What makes people genius, is not based on intelligence, but based on perspective. How a child prodigy is the way he is, bc he views the world like a playground, and takes the most difficult challenge like a video game and succeeds.

It’s all about how you view the world. & Perspective cannot be surfaced if personality doesn’t reflect it, and personality could not known if you don’t know your soul, heart, and who you are.

(like this video here:
when she says, it’s not about being or looking perfect, it’s about how smart you can be by utilizing what you have

it’s the same approach:
it’s not about how talented/skillful/experienced/knowledge/educated/or smart you are. it’s about how you can find your way through out the system.) <— and this is all based on your perception & personality.

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