Sin is Knowledge

Sin is knowledge. Knowledge is Sin.

I began to ponder about this for a long time.

The reason why babies are born sinners is bc we automatically have the keen sense of trying to know the unknown. It’s just how we are as people.

Like when you think about this in the eden times. People & Animals just didn’t have knowledge as their fingerprint. Bc we did not care for knowing the unknown, we were in ignorant bliss. But when adam&eve ate the fruit of knowledge, sin came bc through knowledge aspect we are also able to think of a million possibilities to what things could have been, whether it could be good or bad. For example a woman can look at a man and think of a million possibilities: the good: marriage, mother, family, friend VS the bad: lust, pornstar, nymph, prostitution.

Now do you understand why we are born sinners? Bc of knowledge.

What makes it even more clearer, is that the smartest people on earth are actually the biggest sinners of this world. (which also could mean the one writing this: Me. Could be very well the biggest sinner of all!)

There is Knowledge & then there is being smart.
a knowledgable person is when they know a lot of things.
a smart person is when they know things but try to find the shortcut to win.

A knowledgable person will try to go through 100 levels of a Mario game and get the gold at the very end.
A smart person will try to find the short cut at the 2nd level of the Mario game and get the gold in a span of 2 min.

& the smartest people are the ones who don’t try to show the world they are smart and play “dumb” or pretend that they are by being quiet or acting like their shy & humble. Which can ultimately also mean they could very well be the biggest sinners on the earth too. Bc through knowing how smart you can be and out-smart people/opponents, you must also know the million possibilities of bad outcomes too just as much as the good outcomes. And through knowing the bad, is also sinning, bc you are adulterating the idea which is now refined into image.

That’s why it makes even more sense why Jesus was never a sinner. Bc He was God in Human form. And as God, you already know the unknown, but you don’t need to think of a million or billion possibilities, bc you already know what they are, so there is no reason to think of those or visualize. Which is why therefore God & Jesus Christ was never a sinner. They have no reason for knowledge, bc they have wisdom.

On the otherhand, humans sin bc we want to know. We are like these stupid little kids trying to know what wisdom tastes like, but we cant hold responsibility to it bc we are just too stupid. And sin happens bc we are just too dumb and irresponsible and immature.

Another example:
You can look at the moon.

A sinful person, smart person, or a person in trying to know something:
will look at the moon and try to understand why it is the way it is.

A person without sin, or person who has no desire to know anything:
will look at the moon, not in awe, but be in content bliss.

Just try to compare yourself vs a self in eden times. 

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