training progress

1st-2nd month: BASICS (aug-sept):
upperbody focus:
8 reps x 3 sets (30min)
mon, wed, fri: arms (biceps, shoulders, triceps, wrists, forearms), lats, traps.
tues, thurs: chest (bench, incline, military)

lower body focus:
sat & sun: hike, squats.

endurance focus is everyday 15min: run
abs (p90x) is twice a week: wed & sun. 
stretch 3x wk: mon, wed, fri.

activities: parkour basics, kicks, sk8, hike

3rd-4th month: STRONGER (oct-nov)
upper body focus:
heavier/ more weight, stronger.

lower body: 
3rd month: parkour leg conditioning
4th month: snowboard conditioning

activities: parkour, sk8, hike, box

(1st – 4th month: foundation set)

5th-6th month: CONDITION (dec-jan)
upperbody focus:
faster/endurance = crossfit & toning.
more reps & more set.
5th month = 12 reps x 3 sets
6th month = 8 reps x 4/ 5 sets

lower body focus: 
plyo, box


7th-8th month ATHLETICISM: (feb-mar)
gymnast physique

activities: MMA.


9-12 month: harder, faster, stronger
activities: crossfit


13th month: wellness

14th month: competitions.



focus 2013:
2 months: (aug-sept)
1.) sell everything on ebay
2.) training
a.)-parkour, sk8 & crossfit
-kicks, hike
3.) school: graduate fast/ fulltime student

train 3rd month: (oct-nov)
b.) mma, run, plyo, tricking.

5th month: (dec-jan)
parkour leg condition & snowboard conditiong
7th gymnast physique (jan 14/ snowboard season)
9-12: more, harder, heavier, faster. bboy

*athlete train = movments & free weights

13th month go sign up for gym. and use machines to improve motor skills.
all months before mentioned are free-weights to increase strength& athleticism. 


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