Dont rely on your hands, rely on God’s

I like the content of this article, but I disagree with how this article was delivered.
This article’s content is good, bc it lists very good key points in knowing what a man’s character is, but lets think outside the box here, look at the article’s affect on our comprehension as receivers. it can play a psychological lift. it’s influencing the choice to judge people; especially man. do u think judging a person is right? what this article is doing is creating a shortcut for women wanting the fastest avenue in marrying up quickly, instead of taking the long journey that may build up her character as well.

why does it seem like there has to be an obligated absolute rule in something that was meant to be genuine and raw? this is another contribution to a manipulated system of institutionalism. Do you think Marriage is supposed to have rules & manipulated control under judgement? I wouldn’t want to get married if that were the case and if that was the theme.  

The truth is:
Women and Men don’t need to take it into their hands, if you choose to do so, then you choose to do what the article suggests, judgement & control.
But why choose to judge when God has already provided you a woman/man? Doesn’t that say that you don’t necessarily trust in God too?

See if we continue to choose to judge a man/woman based on character rather than the raw bond which is of genuine pure sincere love. Then relationship is not going to work. It would become more about business-ship on the objective of logistics, compromise, policy, & rules.
Ultimately the relationship’s foundation must be of Love. And there’s only one kind of love in this world: that of which is the King’s.

What is this? Applying for a job interview? Or for love?

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