Be Water

Listen to what Bruce Lee is saying on Styles:

Now I completely understand Bruce Lee & I agree.

You can relate this to any sport and activity especially Bboy.

Bboy has styles, and especially when you’re in competitions, rounds are all about sets now. And to the bboy/bgirl, you rehearse so much practicing your certain set routine, but is it really honestly expressing yourself? No. it’s only what you just want to show off fancy moves.

And that is why he created his own martial art that was simply designed on what the opposing party/opponent was going to do. He based his entire martial art system off of the intercepting fist. Which is known today as Jeet Kune Do.

Now I completely understand why Bboy Toyz R Us LOZ is the way he is, bc he follows in the footsteps of bruce lee. For a long time I knew that toyz was following in the steps of bruce lee, but I just didn’t understand why, but now I get it.

Bc real bboying is not about sets, routines, or moves.

Real bboying is honestly expressing yourself & being able to conform to any platform for whatever comes atchya!

Now I understand why Toyz vs any other bboy, doesn’t rely on the system of sets. He relies on freestyle rounds and technique: that is his ultimate, being himself on the floor.
I have carefully observed how he danced, not one round is always the same, nor is it a set, it’s always some random freestyle movement. And that is why He or Bruce Lee is the greatest, bc they are versatile.

I could relate this same philosophy with other things like Christianity.
It’s all about being yourself, to not be conformed to something that has rules or control, or policy of guidelines. It’s all about being you, the free bird.

Bc when you do let yourself be conformed to one area, based on their doctrines, gospel, philosophies, beliefs, traditions. Then the technique/method/idea becomes you. But it was never you to begin with. You have to understand that you is who you were born into the earth, your soul. The method you do is not who you are, it is only what you do, an action.

It’s the same with work. Do not conform to a company philosophy. Be you. Always.

Just bc bboying is all about competitions, sets, matching outfits, 5iver crews, chucks, trucker trending hats, gangsta act, you’re going to conform to the culture to be the master? No. ultimately the real master is the one who can freely express themselves without conformity.


I don’t practice sets anymore, they are completely useless. Only for popularity contest.
I practice the art of movement, the intercepting fist mentality. I do rounds, freestyle, and foundation technique. Not sets.

Be water.

As far as jams go, I don’t think I ever want to enter a competition. Until bboy comps judge system is based off the OUR Bboy judge system (by: Dyzee), only then I will start entering. But bboy comps judge system right now is so bias. That I do not understand why or who lost. It’s only about what the certain bboy enjoys in apart of their own style and what they look for based on the practice of their own style: that’s bias.

If I were to enter knowing the wacked up judge system in a jam, I’d do it to express myself, never caring to win.

But now knowing myself even better through the hiatus, I realized and learned that I don’t wanna rely on going to jams just to be a “bboy”, that’s stupid. Bc I already know I am one, y do I need to go to a jam in order to be one. And that’s the reason why I got into bboying in the first place, to do something freely without being told what to do was right or wrong, but I guess that’s not happening in the bboying culture today: there are now rules and scolded how to dance the right way vs wrong way. That’s not art, its institutionalism. That’s whats killing bboying. Whats also killing bboying is biting. 

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