His trainer


okay wow. now i know what the King wants me to be:
a trainer. to prep & train soldiers for battle.

kinda coincidental? cuz i actually do this in real life: a coach/ trainer.
i spend most of my life at the gym & dojo!

learned lots from this 13month walk.
that i am not a nurturer, im a motivator.
that my heart lies in justice; i am a fighter.
Abba gave me 100 gifts, wisdom, prophetics, knowledge…I never asked for any of these. Thought for a long time it was torture, bc having a 100 gifts to myself is meaningless and vain..i felt like.
now knowing that these gifts are not for me, but to use these gifts as bridges to different fields where my comrades come from. to understand each warrior’s story and help make their sword sharp, shield strong, & combat fierce.
never to transform them into my way, but to make each muscle strong, and let these “muscles” find their own path in which God designed them to be individually.
[all muscles must be strong to have a strong body of Christ.]

his hand must be punched a thousand times in hot stones, until callous toughens the palms. his leg must hit a hundred times against concrete, until blisters swell up to toughen the bone inside. his heart must go through a million aches, until pain feels like a dust off the shoulders ready to stand up again and walk forward. all body parts in Christ must be strong, to prepare for battle up ahead.
together as a body we will fight as one muscle, to pick up the sword together and strike. sooner or later we wont need a shield, bc each individual hand, feet, toe, finger, hair, etc. has gone through enough training to know that our skin has become our own shield. and that armor is called Yahweh’s armor.

this is my purpose why i was born. to train for battle, to prep the King’s people for fight.
i cannot teach you, i cannot show you your way, i cannot steer you into your way. only you can do that, only you can find that. But i can be your sword. i can provide you armor. i can provide you combat techniques. i can provide a training ground. i can provide martial therapy.

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