its about the details & research

Yes the Old Testament ‘version’ of the ‘Bible’ does say that…well, some imposter guy named ‘Paul’. He said in Corinthians that it is a shame for a man to wear long hair. However, if you take notice, much of what some of these ‘new veraion’ guys say contradicted ‘Jesus’. This is because they – ‘Paul’ for example – were ‘correctors’ ordained by the Roman crown to ‘correct’ the words of Jesus, and other socalled ‘heretics’. The Assin (Essen) sect were those to whom Jesus belonged and the early Christian Church was totally ‘anti-essen’ and anti-Jesus. They hated these humble people and turned them into fugitives. Later on they claimed the authority of a divine faith upon the popularity of the same ‘Jesus’ who they have now metaphorically buried beneath the Vatican and the Roman cross. From earlier times, these Assin – even in Samson as example – did not cut their hairs but allowed it to grow in locks. It is a very ancient African tradition that some sects today still follow. Rastafarians for example. They, like the Essen, do not agree with killing animals to eat. They eat only vegetables and fruits. Jesus campaigned against anaimal sacrifice and killing to eat. This was one of the main truths about him that is still hidden. Because Palestine at the time was being colonised, the Roman traditions were forced upon the people as more desirable. The same thing happened in Jamaica where the colonial power of England left her influence. Rastafarians were despised, beaten, stoned to death, marginalised, all because their hair was a ‘disgrace’ to the status quo. They were not even allowed in Church. It was not only ‘Jesus’ hair that was a shame to Paul. Those who have eyes will see…

“Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him?” (1Co 11.14). Before making some terrible interpretations on that verse, they should consider all the context especially the fact that Paul wrote that chapter to sove problems of the church of corinthians SPECIFICLY. In his age “if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him” as much as it is a shame for a jew to not have beard, even nowadays. But much of the chapter 11 shouldn’t be applied today. It is clear (by exegetical instruments) that it’s a question about that church of the corinthians specificly.

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