It’s just my revelation not yours

Sometimes when I just feel like voicing out what spoke to me in what i’ve learned in my walk from a revelation. my opinion. 

most of the time, other christians always will try to ask “do you have scripture to back it up?”

I DO. BUT i cannot attest to that. 
Because you reading you will not fully understand or interpret how this same verse spoke to me. it was only conceived through the holy spirit & meditation construct. as everyone’s revelations will not speak the same for another person’s. everyone’s path is designed differently. 

most of the time my revelations/opinions are not core doctrines.
but that’s fine, bc its not meant to be. I’m called His son for a reason, to pursue my purpose through the King’s gospel. 
To change the gospel would be to also change the core doctrines.
that would also contradict my own faith and walk.
and everything i journeyed through would be a complete waste of time. 

but i know it’s not. bc love is truth.

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