People get married bc they want a family

people get married bc they want to start a family!!!***

for a long time before, i thought it was because of a “society expectation for trying to fit in”, and to make yourself look successful “image”, and insecure issue with loneliness. 

but now i understand why every time i watch a proposal, the woman is always bursting in tears. i never really understood why before. (<–not a sign of cold-heartedness, just trying to psychologically understand) 
OHhhh but now i completely get it, bc women have been fantasizing about marriage since the day they were 6yrs old or younger. women know exactly what they want in their future husband and know what they want in a wedding and everything else. men on the other hand, we dont even think about any of this only maybe after our late twenties. so when a woman reacts with excitement&joy, her dreams have come true since childhood. 

& the other part why she’s joyfully crying so much, is the truth where she doesnt have to do anything anymore, bc the husband will take care of her for the rest of life. 

and you can really tell what a good mother is, means that before she became a mother, her heart was genuine, selfless, & that she always wanted to have a family.
(i have been getting to know my own mom a lot more than the surface. she has been a great help to my science research)

but that’s just it. the ingredients to have a family: pure selflessness. who does that? i dont think ive ever met anyone as raw as my own mom. 
i am definitely not qualified to start my own family nor let alone get married. i wouldn’t want to, that’s a crazy amount of sacrifice!! that’s like raw love at it’s core!!‪#‎mindblow‬ ‪#‎crazy‬ i do not think i am even capable of that position. ‪#‎hardcore‬. so here’s my respect to all you people who made that choice to live for others instead of for yourself. ‪#‎respect‬

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