real love = acceptance
fake love = to conform people into your “way”.
argue vs acceptance
christianity was supposed to be created to end religion.
then why is it that religion is still practiced in ministry?
religion vs relationship.
you cant put your faith in people, only depend on Jesus. the pastors and congregation will always judge you. everytime i open this mouth i get judged. everytime i write a post on facebook, you reading this your juding me. the only person who should be doing the judging is God. fellowship nowadays is a joke, its a complete catch22. i tried hard to reach out to those i still care about on the act of love simply. but just goes to show you that the church will only reciprocate if i conform.
true friendship is not centered around same beliefs, core doctrines, similar theologies.
true friendship is centered on love and acceptance.

all i really want is to be myself and accepted for who i am in the church, but the church will only accept you if u conform into their way.
be yourself = happiness.
be what the church wants you to be = miserable.
i have nothing against institutionalism, i just have something against the SYSTEM.
institutionalism = structure.
system = power manipulation.

the church was never designed to be the bridge to Jesus.
church was designed to be the bride of Christ.
you cant depend on people to bridge you into Christ.
ultimately it is you who is already the bridge to the bridegroom.

i cant set foot in a small group, church, ministry, or hop without being attacked every single time for just being myself. im not trying to be “different”. im just comfortable being in my own skin!!!

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