the bible is full of revelation

“People think that the bible is full of understanding.
It’s full of revelation and you have to have Holy Spirit teach you to understand”-Jimi Finneyfrock

WELL SAID. denominational principals are nothing more than just interpretations based on the individual’s revelation. including seminary school, systematics, theology, and even today in our modern bibles, it is nothing more than just an interpretation or as what modern society likes to call it “modern translation”, which is actually deciphering from original scripture. the original scripture is the ancient biblical scrolls hand-written by prophets, kings, wisemen, writers, apostles, disciples, watchers. 

for example the KJV, this bible’s content was created to be only approved by the King & parliament and the church-state order. which took out alot of other content that couldve been useful for understanding more of the faith in which Jesus i think wanted us to practice. ORGANIC RELATIONSHIP, not Religion.

i dont think the bible was meant to be used to judge others. 
it was used to transform in each one’s own walk through their self’s revelation. 

and to fully understand your own purpose for which the King has designed you and destined in your course is through the Holy Spirit.

so please stop with the condescending prayers, telling people to repent, throwing “authority” scriptures at people to create contradiction, and judging. 
it’s not helping, it’s only causing more damage.

yes the word is the authority. but it is authority over you. not the person you are discerning over.

and to mention:
if one denominational principal is based on the leader’s interpretation from his revelation. then how do we know that his revelation will mean & speak the same for everyone else? no, it does not. it’s like a cataclysmic brainwash, because God designed everyone each individually different with a different purpose and destined course for their life. not one is same. so person A’s revelation will not speak the same for person B’s revelation. and neither will fully recognize the intense impact from each individual’s epiphany. 

matthew could be so intense to person A’s reading, but then book of Job could be speak in volumes more to person B. 
and that’s pretty much how denominations exist based on the leader’s revelation on what he likes to focus because of what his interpretations spoke to him the most. how do we know that these could speak for the rest of the church?
therefore as an important reminder, it’s never a wise idea to conquer everyone with the one revelation that spoke to you the most. bc in a third person pov, it is only you who is being spoken to through your own walk. your walk is not the same as everyone else’s. your understanding is different from another person’s. your registry, your comprehension, your perception. so be very careful how you approach another if you choose to throw a scripture at them, bc how do you know for certain that same scripture can speak to the person you’re “trying to help”. you dont! that scripture only speaks to you, you are not considerate of others to understand the person. you only care so much about your pride, and to fill that void of discernment, judging people is what gets you off. 

“Most Christians with bitterness have a need to justify their sin. They usually do so with virtuous names for the sin like discernment, wisdom, etc. They attract people with complaints as it confirms their “discernment.””-Bill Johnson (Bethel) 

Before you throw a scripture at a person and jump the gun and say REPENT.
You must truly understand the person on a personal note and his walk. 
Because it is TOO EASY to judge a person from their actions, behavior and then jump to conclusions through throwing a scripture at them and rebuke them.

You must remember everyone’s path is designed differently, everyone’s revelation does not speak the same for you. 
It is not your job to transform lives, it is the holy spirit, God, and Jesus.

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