True Friendships is centered on Love Not beliefs

it’s very interesting how the way society works. 
it seems to be all about conformity.

if my viewpoint is any different from my family, friends, or a certain organization. 
it is either judged, looked down upon, rejected, or does not want to be associated with. 

my opinion:
true friendship is not defined by common beliefs.
true friendship is centered on acceptance & love. 

a belief, viewpoint, opinion comes from the mind. 
they are only thoughts & constant reoccurring notions converted into building blocks for an individual’s own foundation. 
yet the acceptance action is engaging the soul&heart,
so it should not define what comes from the mind. 
God is the gravity, but the beliefs are deciphered from man’s interpretation in his perception. ultimately self knowledge. 
his beliefs dont mean anything to anyone except to him, his beliefs are designed for him and his purpose. 
my beliefs may be different from everyone, but it does not mean they are the core doctrines/gospel, nope! Abba is the core. 
my beliefs only speak to my existence.

if tattoos are looked down upon in one side of the world, 
and then yet tattoos are praised in the other side of earth.
both could be taboos to each other. what one norm could be another’s weird, vice versa. 
how could we learn to know what real friendship is if we continue to only associate people with common beliefs? 
i feel that conformity system has become a scape goat, running away from what you disagree to feel comfortable. 
how will you really learn your full capacity and who you are if you choose to stick to a bias approach. you can choose to be ignorant, stubborn, and stay close-minded for the rest of your life. 
or you can be open-minded and listen to both sides of the story and find the answers to your inquiries. 

just bc you spent one study area in USA for 10yrs, does not mean it speaks absolute concept in other countries Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. that’s generalization. all i’m saying is that just bc you read 100 textbooks & went to 3 prestigious institutions & all this other entitlement establishments about a certain science area, doesnt mean that all possibilities, options have ended & absolute truth is derived from your own study.
the same area’s structure & curriculum could be delivered differently than your 10yr journey, bc of perception manifestations & overseas cross-cultures. 

in other words: staying close-minded kills you. being open-minded helps you.

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