natural medicine & nature’s homemade coffee/caffeine.

this will def help you wake up in the morning & keeps you mentally focused & prepared throughout the entire day. so you wont be distracted with whatever the day throws at you and the lemons thrown atchya.
use this guide and you’ll learn to take those lemons and make lemonade.

before the day starts, right after you wake up, take 1 hour and reserve it as your quiet time to God. use any of the constructs provided, can be anything from worship to dance to meditation to prayer to bible to writing to mediation etc. doesnt really matter which ones the right one, just whatever’s designed in your fitting as God designed you as. 
you can choose to do this daily or weekly or monthly doesnt matter, whatevers clever.

i strongly recommend this as the best Rx. 
now i completely understand why this is imperative as suggested by my mentors & intercessor hyungs. 
bc it sets the foundation, keeps you focused, helps sets goals in your schedule, if you’re a warrior in training, this is like the best exercise before you hit the warzone. put on that armor before you go into the battlefield soldier~!
you dont wanna stay distracted with whatevers flying comin attackin atchya, gnome sane? ive been there before too dawg. flowing with the motion like a rollercoaster. trying to find what it is your looking for but you dont know what it is your looking for. im tellin ya, this is KEY! the key to the door! you’ve always been desiring to seek! it opens your eyes to the pathway, gets you on track into your destined course & purpose.
like a tree, dont wanna stay flimsy with weak branches, gotta get those roots rooted down strong and intacted in deep grounds, so your trunk stays firm and you wont get blasted down the next time woodcutters try to cut you down. 

& you cant just do it on a whim or if you’re not in the mood to.
you just gotta force yourself, commit, dedicate, disciplinary practice. 
i swear, before i do it, i admit sometimes there are times where i do get lazy about it, but dang yo right aftermath, man i feel great, like i cannot be conquered bc it rejuvenated me like two shots of redbull like Abba’s got my back for life bro, it’s like a self assurance, better than allstate car insurance. 

i’m on fire yo!

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