what does it in mean to be smart? really? what defines smartness in a person?


i was having an interesting conversation with a friend about this today.


now i really dont actually know what it means to be smart.


the convo started off as kids in our generation are really smart bc they have all the resources like internet and technology, they can figure out an iphone or computer better&faster than any adult right now in the business world.

but then I replied, i think materials dont make a person smart, i think everyone is smart, they just dont believe in themselves too much to see that it’s possible to be smart. Being smart doesn’t mean you know your way around with access to resources, that’s a given. Too easy. Anyone can do that. It’s not hard.

Being smart means……


I actually don’t know but who cares and why is it that important when all the education/knowledge is man useless information. Real knowing is God’s wisdom which is forever.

A phd doesn’t equate to God’s mind & wisdom. It’s only worldly smarts, trying to angle through the system, shortcut avenue.

The difference between poor vs wealthy.
the poor stays poor, bc of poor belief in themselves & poor grit. Always plays victim. Never concerned about self responsibilities.
the wealthy stays wealthy bc of hard work and strong faith in themselves to get there.

I wasn’t born rich, my family worked hard to get there to provide for me and the kids. 

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