there’s another reason why I choose not to work for corporate America, or get a employment staff job.

I would rather be a freelancer, entrepreneur, or independent contractor. Even knowing how risky it can be.

I just cannot stand institutionalized systematics, I cant do rules & control. God designed me to be as free as a bird.

That’s why I don’t work at places.

I make my money through selling my stuff at ebay/craigslist, or growing vegs in my garden and marketing them off. Im my own business man. And I enjoy it that way.


now as far as school goes, i know how colleges train students to learn how to have  career in an institutionalized workplace.

but thats as far as concerning with bachelors/masters.

my route: im going to get a phd to work in the school as a researcher. which is why i am not going to do any internships.

i’ve had enough experience working for diff fields in diff jobs for 10yrs. I’m done and learned greatly. and the corporate world is not something i wanna be apart of.

neither is military.


i do not want to make millions of millions $. i am happy with what little i have. if i had a place to stay, i would like to live in a very small condo. with no furniture. all i want is a mattress & the basic essentials: kitchen, fridge, laundromat, shower.

i do not want a dishwasher, waste of $, and its more bang for your $1 if you wash dishes yourself.

i do not want a car either. i am happy with riding a bicycle & getting on the bus and walking.


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