jesus paved the way

so knowledge is man’s knowledge = useless info

and ultimate knowledge is wisdom = from God. 

Knowledge Path: what knowledge is to know everything on the motive to know God.

Wisdom Path: but to gain wisdom is to shoot down knowledge and trust in God without trying to “know”.

to get wisdom is bible. Jesus paved it that way. so to be wise is through bible.

but bible isnt meant to be a science textbook. it’s meant as a guideline to learn from in your own walk. 

so with whatever sciency questions you have as atheist, you cannot ask man for questions, bc man is not mediator. 1 tim 2:5 Jesus is the answer. you ask him in prayer.

the bible is not systematic. it’s just a book to help guide you in the dark path, it is your flashlight.

the flashlight to jesus. 

rely too much on the flashlight, then you sit down on the sidewalk mezmorized about the glow. 

u use the flashlight to find God in the path. 

your tools: your heart is jesus, your flashlight: bible, armor: holyspirit, your walk: pathway. your zeal: purpose, your gift: calling. the path to God.


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