Sad…and slightly frustrated to see that most people these days rob themselves of their God-given ability to freely think for themselves. We’ve simply become rule-abiding emotionless bots, and we’re blindly proud of it. We let institutions define our self-worth when we already have infinite intrinsic worth in God. Whatever gets in the paycheck right? We’ll follow dictators as long as it fills our pockets with money. We’ll sell our souls and our bodies to them if we have to.

Even Nazis were thought to be highly acclaimed and also the best of the best. Now historical evidence lets us see the obvious picture. What good is there in being incredibly smart, if you’re still a Nazi? What good is there in being a CEO at Enron with a nice Harvard degree, if you’re caught for embezzlement?

Without Jesus, our works are in vain. It means nothing. Let’s believe this.

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