fake love

porn, lust, sex = fake love. doesnt last, conditional.

liking someone = only a mood thing, whim, conditional, doesnt last. speaks only to the moment & entertainment of excitement.

girls of makeup, materialistic, fashionista, games = all bullsh*t. immature, insecure.
sigh. but girls will be girls, bc all they just want to be is loved. that’s their calling in life to be loved.

that’s why they become pornstars, or they become girlfriends to the jerkoff, or they become sluts.

bc they were brainwashed by this scumbag of a man to think that they will be loved. but then when they get into the control they soon realize they have no other way to get out bc they are afraid and they are depressed bc they know they arent truly loved but only conditionaly loved.

to find true love is not through the lust.

if you wanna find love that lasts forever and is kind.

that love can only be of good.

you cant get married to a girl you met at the bar

you cant fall in love to the girl you slept with last night at an orgy party.

bc that s#t aint real!!!!

real love is enriched by the conjuring of the salt inside an individual.

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