Why do I have long hair?


Be myself, express myself, be free the way God wanted me to be.

There’s a high prejudice against long haired men. I’m done with that pov.
Mainly bc, its an institutionalized perspective.
Its conformity, rules, control, order, and for what? For power. But who’s power? Man.

I don’t want to stylize myself just for the sake and weight control for another man.

My authority is God.

If you see that before ww2, men always had long hair, it was the norm.

Even in the BC era, men always had long hair.
but it was then after ww2, the clean cut was imposed bc the new trend became the new norm.
it started in 1918. The clean cut was governed by the militia, it was meant to be disciplined, and obedience. Just as the military and police style do.

It’s not an abomination to have long hair. That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

Look: https://aramkim7.wordpress.com/2013/07/24/its-about-the-details-research/

It’s all about specifics. If you just read from the surface even with context by context and not study to fully understand, then it’s nothing more than just ignorance. Details matter. Everything depends on the approach. Comprehending content without specificity is just nothing more than an exaggeration. Technicals matter.

So it is not me who is the problem. It is the person who chooses to look at me in that way. Whether it is their perception or that’s how they are programmed. 

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