to be heard: the truth

all it is

is that we just wanna be heard, and loved.

that is our calling/purpose.

we think in order to be heard/loved is by being the best, talented, or smartest.
through fame, money, recognition, huge following, success.

but that doesnt get you anywhere, in the end you are still the same. the whole trip was just a circle rollercoaster trip. and you are still where you are at in day 1.

bc depending on people to be heard/loved by people, is just conditional love. it wont last, and it isnt true love.
God is unconditional love. he will always love you, thats true love.

we think to be heard/loved is the popularity from people.

but that still leaves us empty.

the only way to be heard/loved is through God. God has always loved you. & he hears yu.

and sometimes we may lose ourselves through the fame,money,etc. and ego/pride consumes ourselves. “kanye west”

but when we find misery again #depression

and try to find the reason why we wanted to be heard/loved in the first place, was not power, but to find a purpose to life.

and God is the answer.

that is our purpose on earth to be loved by Him.

and our calling is what He will call us to be.

ps: and smarts dont matter. opinions is just beliefs. beliefs only speak to yourself. it wasnt meant to change the gospel/doctrine. it was just meant to ascertain revelation into your life and to figure out why God loves you. it was meant to find your purpose&calling. it wasnt meant to disagree/cause division others. it’s meant to spark a new love inside you alone.

why do churches have denominations? that’s their choice, they care so much about beliefs & specific details. oh well. doesnt matter, bc the only thing that does matter is Jesus.

details are only there to help society understand things. but the big picture doesnt need details, the big picture is just knowing and loving Jesus.


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