2cents bboying update:


I don’t like where the bboy culture is taking off right now in this generation.

The only reason why I started bboying was because it was the only activity that I could do that had no rules, no policies, no guidelines. And to ultimately just be myself, be as free as I could be without being told what to do, where I could go, to be controlled, and how to do it the “correct” or “orthodox” way. To freely think and go where I please.

But that isn’t so anymore, after 16yrs of dancing and 9yrs bboying.

Bboying has changed.

I refuse to enter competitions now. Bboying has turned 90% majority into competition mode. Jams are all about competition. Cyphers are all about competition. The culture is all about skill.

Check this out

This is why bboying is dying.

And the only way to truly win in a competition in the most correct way without making it BIAS, is now the included OUR SYSTEM

Bc after years of enter competitions, it is ALWAYS BIAS. With BIAS JUDGES.

See the good part is that now you can definitely have a sure way of winning in competitions without it being bias.

But now that’s been happening, it’s drastically changed bboy culture for the worse. It’s turned this art into a SPORT.

The difference between a ART vs SPORT.

Art is based on the expression. Sport is based on skill.
To make a physical activity a sport, it needs to have a large association that supports the activity as well as RULES, GUIDELINES, POLICIES, & a challenging apparatus (which can be a tool or systematics).

Now when RULES are included into a physical activity, that means biting is okay, and that means you will get told by people what is right and wrong to do in the physical activity. And there will be an institutionalized manipulated control over you.

This totally contradicts the ulterior motive to do the dance in the first place.

All I wanted to do was just dance the way I wanted to , to ultimately fully express myself without reason or status or accomplishments or control.

And now there is a notion by the subculture group, you cannot be a “bboy” if you don’t enter competitions. That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard.

To me:
if you know bboy history, music, and foundation. You are a bboy. You don’t need some group to tell you otherwise.

Competitions will make you famous. But for what? Just to prove to the world that you’re a bboy? When in fact you’ve always been a bboy inside your heart. And no one really understood you, bc they judged you. And then you come to day one and realize through all those years of trying to prove to the world you are a bboy, doesn’t matter anymore. Almost like full circle and a waste of time kind of .

Competitions don’t make a bboy. It’s the heart that makes you one.

So f*ck society, you don’t need to listen to their ignorant beliefs, haters will always hate.

Where do I stand in bboying now?

1.)    I refuse to enter competitions, very bias & sportsy.

2.)    I don’t really like performing as much, I find more heart when I teach others wanting to learn how to move. I just love it when I see people succeed.

3.)    I would rather do a dance performance/showcase exhibition, than competitions.

4.)    I would rather do cyphers & circles & sessions, than competitions.

5.)    I used to be all about techs, threads, abstract combos, footwork. But now I’m all about the fundamentals, foundation, & power. I just don’t see the point in techs anymore, it’s like an endless infinite existing in a bubble that can drive a person mad. I’ll do some techs just for myself for like a 20min fun to test my creativity, but I rather would focus on ninja training.

6.)    What kind of dance style am I now? MOVEMENTS. Raw, organic, natural movements.
Inspired by contemporary, modern, jazz, capoeira, parkour, tricking.
I could care less about all that fancy  schmancy techs & threads.

7.)    What do I want out of bboying?
DEFINITELY a NO to JUDGING. I would never want to be hired to judge a competition.
ALSO a NO to entering competitions.
I do not want to teach classes either. I just want to teach workshops once a year.
I do not want to be known as an instructor either, just a “special guest” one time only thing.
I would never do dance as a career, just only do small gigs here and there.
I do want to travel.
I do not want to be known either. I hate that fame status.
and to spend as little time in bboying as possible, bc when you spend 100% of your time in it, you become the best but at the same time you become the most narcissistic egocentric selfish cocky prideful arrogant guy there is. I would rather be the suckiest guy ever bc I have a loving heart than to lose myself to the world.


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