adult’s mind vs child’s heart

The difference between an Adult & a Child.

Adults think with their brains.
Children think with their hearts. 

Thinking is good. But usually too much thinking, the negative thoughts outweigh the positive. 
Have you ever noticed the difference between: 
Making Moves VS Dwelling on the options.
The more you dwell on the options, the more you end up not making the choice, bc all the notions have fed your ego to the point where you feel too important to not want to make the decision anymore. 

i wanna go back to my 9yr old, or 12yr old, or 15yr old mentality. Everything was much simpler & healthy. 
I reached Full Circle.
Child, to Adult, back to Child!

It’s time to think with my heart now. 
Details can be important, but it doesnt really matter that much in the end. It’s all about grasping the big picture here. 

That is why Serving & Making Moves is far more imperative than thinking about it. 
It’s not really all that hard to be humble.
The more you think about how to be humble, the less you are humble in actuality. That’s still narcissism, prideful humble. ‪#‎irony‬ 
The solution: To not focus on “how to try to maintain humbleness”. But just do, serve, moves, love. And humbleness comes when you least think about it. 
Just observing children inspired me to write this post. Just the way kids are, they are the most humble beings i’ve met on this earth, but they dont even try to act humble, they just are, bc they think with their hearts and not with their minds.

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