There’s a reason why elders tell you not to date during highschool&college. 
Here is a proven fact based from scientific research. ‪#‎googleit‬
The PFC (Pre-Frontal Cortex) hasnt fully developed until after age 25. 
The PFC is the part of your brain that controls judgment decision making. 
When you are at a certain young age, your judgment is still impaired, which makes sense why when your still young, you’re still a kid, and why elders tell you what to do bc you cant seem to make the correct decisions in situations.

It’s totally acceptable for women to judge men. Bc it’s a natural mating instinct. So of course, they’ll always judge men, bc they’re trying to find the perfect husband for them. 
What sucks is that females actually suck at making judgment calls, majority of the time their analytical skills revert to jumping to conclusions as black & white a pov can be. And i really feel the only way to fix this, is to wait until they fully develop their PFC. and then go see where dating comes after. 

My advice to all the youngbucks out there. 
dont worry about girls, just focus on you & God, and do you. That time will come later, so dont stay too focused on a girl. trust me, this journey into pursuing God as a fulltime walk is just simply ‪#‎beautiful‬

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