society plagued by ego epidemic

Love cures all. The Light is the truth. 

Society has been plagued by the ego epidemic, everyone seems to need a sense of entitlement to prove self importance. Knowledge only puffs up the mind. 
Human beings weren’t meant to be served like gods, we were meant to serve God & others. 
We are not created to feed our ego. ‪#‎Disgusting‬ 
I hate narcissism. I changed for the worse. 
Narcissism is triggered by deep thinking only for self gain. 
I ask myself, do I really want to be like this for the rest of my life? HELL NO! 
Even to think of yourself to be humble is still narcissism. The only way to change is to stop thinking period & start serving. ‪#‎MakeMoves‬

Thank you God for still trying to reach out to me even though I am such a disgusting person right now. Thank you Jesus for actually slapping me in the face so that my eyes realize what kind of person I’ve become.

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