your peoples define your walk


having a kind of character of people that you choose to associate with and what you do defines you. 

leaving the old friends for the new friends.
not trying to go back to my old ways. it’s not trying to change into a new person, but trying to peel the onion layers to get back to my first self as i once was born into. bc the world has deeply clouded my vision…really trying to come back to how ipeacefully saw the world as i used to like a child. 
trying to have a servant’s heart. 

i’ve stopped going to nightclubs, bars, parties, & any thing that just has to do with nightly activities & i’ve stopped hanging out with that drunk/druggie crowd for over some number of years. 

but now what i noticed, is the same old friends who do the same thing. if i keep hanging out with these same folks who do the same old ways, and im the only one out of the crew that greatly desires a father’s heart & motivated to change…then it means i have to drop yall and move forward and find my new fellowship for myself. bc if keep hanging around a body that has no intention of a wanting to change, then i’ll forever stay stuck. bc ultimately i just really want to seek Abba’s love. & i need to leave these old friends and become engaged into a strong body of Christ. 

it sucks bc i have alot of love for these old friends, yall are my closest peoples. but yall are not inspiring/helping to change, only God is. and i really would like yall to come follow too, but as you can see, yall are stubborn!! 
it’s been over 4yrs now. and i think it’s time to stop hanging out with yall. cuz it does me no good in my christian walk, i do not want to be the same old albert i was years ago. i want to change. i want to be the new albert. 

change is not a overnight metamorphosis. 
will take 5yrs+.

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