At the end of the day, Everyone wants to be Loved

yes the article is pretty bias. but you cant knock down the fact that what the content saying is true…to the part that human beings are programmed to have faith in life, a life without faith is just meaningless. and at the end of the day, whether you are an atheist or a christian, everyone wants to be loved..that’s the truth. & ultimately that speaks to me for God’s love.


Beekman Daniel This post has so many lies fighting in a den of misinformation one can’t really clearly see if it was meant to be an ironic jab at christian fundamentalism, or a legitimate perspective from some of evolutions lesser trees… regardless, Anthropology would suggest that our culture was designed to worship, not our biology, and our brains being programed by culture to serve our species survival tends to attack the very variations that might save our species. For the time being I will continue on watching my atheist friends live very unselfish, fulfilling lives… and continue as always to look in amazement at any who blatantly attack the people that actually care about the legitimate advancement…. But honestly, having a very clear perspective on reality and being told by the majority of ones own species that objective reasoning is not a priority would make someone lose their minds. Honestly if you look at it this way, Richard Dawkins isn’t an amputee- he denied his flesh and follows truth regardless of those that mock him… (so even if he is crazy, at least is far more honest than any christian leader I have met- and a far throw from some of the legitimate psychological markers of insanity I have felt, seen and documented in the camps of believers). I still don’t know what that article was trying to say, but it’s a farce from either perspective. If the argument was serious- it was flawed in that it argues “Christianity- it might not be right but it’s safer (and more enjoyable than being an atheist”- screw that. I never asked for safe, or easy. I’ll carry my cross even if it isn’t tied to some religion. Especially if it believes that minds pursuing truth at all cost are amputees, or insane. I’m not an Atheist, but the world would be a far darker place if we didn’t have them. And if there is a “heaven” I would wager my soul they will be at the front of the line.

My point is that even if it’s a spoof it’s poorly presented and not really entertaining or original, and if he is serious- it’s just the sort of manic hate speech I am becoming intimately familiar with coming from Christians. “It’s funny” they say justifying their warped perspectives. What I want? To see people stop throwing verses around, halfwit Internet articles, and start showing me all these superpower results they claim. And for Christ’s sake (literally)- stop spreading manic culture war sentiments. Something I still live by and hope Christians focus is “as far as it depends on you live at peace with everyone”. And understand that posting these sorts of things is seen by us on the outside a proof that Christians are suffering from extreme cognitive dissonance further exasperated by their belief that they hold the single answer to everything. Watching the panic and urgency (to save millions of people headed to hell) trickle into every post and comment doesn’t look like “peace” or “love” but a personal struggle with their own ego. Honestly- I love you guys , your hearts are in the right place- I just can’t wait to see a generation that finds their minds as well. And maybe I’m wrong, but I refuse to start spreading poorly constructed wit that can’t make up it’s mind about being a spoof against the subject or for it. This sort of disambiguation is empty, drives no healthy discussion, and glorifies that “them” “us” mentality that fuels a superiority complex while simultaneously contradicts what your gospel was all about. The original author of that post is a fiction thriller author that combines Christian mysticism with satanism for the effect of controversy. If a non-believer can see that and understand that the article was the mad ramblings of a man clearly invested in fiction- why the hell would a spirit filled Christian endorse (or even glorify for the sake of humor) such- shit. (And honestly I want to use Ezekiel’s metaphors about horse dick’s— but that would be extreme in this case). You’re surrounded by the “prophetic” ask them if they understand the implicit ramifications surrounding specifically that post. If they can’t see the issues you might want them to read some more of their book. Seriously anyone who can’t see the issues with glorifying this sort of perspective for any reason needs a check. (And don’t tell me I need to chill out- you’ve taught that our words have power- and at least that’s one thing we agree on.)

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