August Twenty One Twenty Thirteen

Reached full circle!

No church is perfect. All churches will have a strength & a weakness. A church isn’t a building, it’s a group of sinners all coming together to know how to seek God’s love.

There are churches who focus more on the word, then there are those that focus on the technical aspect of theology, then there are those that focus more on prayer, worship, or spiritual mediation, or fellowship, or evangelism, etc.

Like the Presbyterians focus more on the technical theology.
The Methodists/Lutherans focus more on the principals.
The Baptists focus more on word based.
The Charismatics focus more on worship.
The Renewalists focus more on revival.
The moravians focus more on prayer.

I realize this too also. As everyone is unique individual trying to come together as unity as one body.
Not everyone knows each other fully, so of course Judging people WILL HAPPEN. Do I think this is right? HELL NO.

But judging happens. Bc we need to judge in order to make sense of things in logical fashion.
It’s like if your closet was messy, you don’t know where everything is.  But once it’s organized and clean/neat, then you are able to analyze and make sense of things to you.

Judging character is okay. But to judge based on appearance/actions/behavior/person is wrong.

Matthew 5:7

Yes as some people who are against the institutional ministries based on the manipulated system.
Well yes manipulation is wrong, but lets see it from the big picture here.
These “Zoo” Churches that everyones apart of that look like they are caged in based off of conformity to rules, is not actually what it seems.

They come together to be apart of one body together, but going too far to the degree of trying to be like everyone else like a bunch of clones.
I mean to make sense of things in logical order is more than okay, it’s supported. Judging to make sense.
But to apply that into institutionalism conformity.

“Oh hey lets judge this man with long hair, since he’s the only man with long hair out of the entire church and all other men have clean cuts, we need to try to make him look like us in order for his membership process to be accepted or conform to our standards.”


“oh hey lets judge this guy who is the only one who chooses to dance during worship, while the rest of us stays still, it’s not the look we like, he must conform to the body in the same image we portray”

(and this might include and explain the reason why i choose not to go to an all one-race church.
There isnt complete diversity and we cannot fully learn anything new or stay open. God’s children is multifaceted colors, not one black color or one white color.)


That’s Ridiculous! Judging Conformity Fusion doesnt work. It screws up the entire communion process within church. Those two are separate for a reason, fusion doesnt work. an image doesnt equate to the practice of the body for the sake of conformity, it’s the building of the heart that does.

I mean I know that im a loud extravert.
Am I going to just sit there and try to force myself into being like everyone else at a 100 introverted church? Am I really being myself here the way God wants me to be?

And this is certainly not a pride issue. It’s more like, If I like to worship dancing and singing as loud all for the sake of God’s glory, do I have to conform to the rest of the body as keeping still and quiet as I can?

No way Hosea.

I was born for this. I was born to worship with a firey heart. I seek revival.

And to the body who will judge me without trying to get to know me first, and throw me a scripture based off judging me from the outside. Like Psalms to make yourself look isolated amongst the rest is WRONG and FALSE.

Did it ever occur to yall that I’m doing this to give praise to the Almighty God and not do it out of self glory?

I’m very comfortable in my own dam skin. And I’m not afraid nor insecure about showing off who I am to the Lord.

Do I give 2cents about your opinion or if people stare at me? No way.
Bc I feel FREE-ER than ever as Jesus has broken my chains to what I thought was the “right” way to do in the world. I like being myself.

Am I going to completely conform to a church to make myself look like everyone? No way!
However there comes to a certain degree, I will set aside my pride and conform to the church on areas like cultivating oil (love, fellowship, building, training)

Ya cant think so black and white here.

Plus as much as I like the church, I don’t think im designed to go on a consistent basis like every week. I think to really understand my walk, there has to be some weeks where I don’t go to church and spend some time to myself & the Lord to really understand.

It’s not a commitment issue. It’s a clarification process.

This journey is broad. Very. Lots of meditation, time needs it.

Cant just go into it full force, must prepare, build, and SOAK like a sponge.

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