We are Sinners & Forerunner Will


We are sinners. It makes a lot of sense now that I think about it.

Jesus is the only human being on this earth who was not a sinner.

& That is the truth. How does this make sense?

Because He is God in Human form. He has God’s mind, & wisdom.

To even think of something that exists within the mind can be still considered Sin.

God gave mankind, human beings the right to choose; free will if you must say it.

If we were angels, and angels has no free will, and if angels had a choice that is not of God’s command, they would be cast down as demons/nephilim.

But this does not apply to humans, bc God loves us dearly.

In order for a human not to have sin existing in the mind, such as thinking of adulterated images, or lustful thoughts, or hatred against another, or jealousy, rage, anger, etc. That human cannot be human, and he/she must be either an angel or God, but that is impossible bc there is only one God. And like I said if we had no capability to have sinful thoughts, that means we also at the same time do not have the gift of free will, which would make us either an animal on instincts or angels.

What makes the walk so hard is that, to seek God, is to completely trust in the Lord.
But when it comes to the gift of free will, and on a servant’s heart is very difficult bc pride will always play a toll in this matter.

For example:
Self gain.

People’s agenda of service to others, is all accounted for self benefits.
Whether it be for money, or to be praised by others, or for self glory. This is where pride falls into that motivation. The only reason to succeed is motivated by our pride. Bc at the end of the day, whether you are an atheist or a Christian, everyone wants to be loved/ appreciated either for what we do or who we are.

There are two kinds of pride:
1.) Self-pride aka Bad Pride. The pride of self.

2.) Good Pride – The pride of subject.
School Pride, or To show God’s Glory.

However people can learn how to channel that pride for others.
Like: I am a doing this service to show the pride of God’s kingdom.

Is there such thing as a sinless man? No. That is impossible. Otherwise that would contradict the gift of free will.

No matter how many times we repent, we will end up sinning the very next day, or next week.
But that doesn’t meant to stay content in sinning and give up this Christian walk and let struggle take our course instead.

what makes repentance so imperative is that, it’s not only a convocation of our awareness and holy spirit conviction that is interesting, but it’s the choice to get deeper into the relationship with Abba.
In order to fully understand the intimate personal relationship with Christ, we have to sin. I mean I’m not saying this to just go ahead and get yourself into a bunch of orgies or kill a thousand men…that’s stupid. I’m saying that If you don’t repent, you wont ever understand the journey that takes place in the closeness with Jesus. How are you ever gonna know who you are in the kingdom of God if you don’t repent? You cannot do this on your own, a life without relying on God does not define a Christian walk. It’s only an observational spectating event. Do you want to live the rest of your life as a spectator? Or do you wanna be a main character in His life?

It’s like a video game. Do you want to be an observer?
Or do you wanna be the main character of the video game and ask for help from God to play you into battle?

Do you want to observe for the rest of your life that you are aware that you are sinning, and you can feel the holy spirit convict you every single time you sin, and you study God more and more every day, but you keep sinning?


Do you want to “LET” your heart move from how the conviction of the holy spirit, and be motivated to not just stay lukewarm-content with where life is going for you now, and do you want to keep staying “CURIOUS” bc you seek justice, truth, and more!?

DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE? Is what im asking.

How many times has it been when we keep telling ourselves this will be the last time we do this, or we are sorry for screwing up again, or we wont do it again, but we end up doing the SAME thing again.
Do you still want to be the same old person like you were 10 yrs ago? Or do you want to be a new person the way GOD sees you as his LIGHT?

Then we need to not only do this on our own, but rely on God, and ask Him for strength.
We can ask for prayers from other brothers and sisters, that could help to some degree, but ultimately the only really way to start is relying fully on God for the answers.

We cannot try to fix something on our own, not even a psychiatrist or counselor could help us. The only resolution is through God.

RETRAIN the BRAIN, and seek God.


2.) GOD’s LOVE:

To have God’s love fully is impossible. Because if we had 100% of God’s love, we would be content and we wouldn’t need to seek or show His glory, bc we would be content in having his full love inside us. And that would contradict the walk, and the journey, and the motivation to seek Him.

It takes a long long long journey to achieve God’s love. Even 10 or 30 years doesn’t cut it.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up, bc you’re never going to have 100% of God’s love. You should by all means keep trying. Why?

Bc if we just give up knowing that we are not able to fully have His love. Then we would face a “pessimistic/ worldly realistic” perspective and come to terms that we cannot receive His full love. Which would also make us content in our walks, turning our hearts LUKEWARM, and having no desire to Seek God anymore. With the notion that “my life is okay where it is now in the present”. Stripping away the curiosity of unfulfilled answers. How sad is that?

I’m not even there yet either. I think I only reached 2% of God’s love. But Does that make me want to give up just bc I have a loooonnng way to go? Hell no.

I’m just as much of a sinner as you are. & I don’t think there is any weight to what is the greatest sin, only God can judge us for that, not man’s view.

To seek God is INSATIABLE. ALWAYS HUNGRY FOR MORE. You know why? Because we don’t have His love 100%. That is why this makes complete sense.

And if we did have 100% of God’s love. It would mean that we are in Heaven already.
A human being with an insatiable drive to seek more and more of God, means that we don’t have His full love, bc we are in a physical world, earth, and we are still filled with sin as we are sinners. We are and always will be sinners.

But if a person does not have an insatiable drive to seek more and more of God, means that they are already in Heaven, and it’s not motivated by free will to seek God. But it is a DUTY, a command, not based by a militarized order but out of LOVE, to give glory to God.


I thank God for this clarified wisdom I received from Him. O ALMIGHTY ABBA FATHER! YOU ARE THE GREATEST!



The only reason why people have more wisdom or knowledgeable or are more aware or have deeper understanding in God. Is bc God chose these people to be his forerunners.

& To be a forerunner. Is not justified by how wise you are, or how many gifts you have, or how successful you are, or how much better your status is amongst the rest. But it is based on a servant’s heart to show the pride of God.

& the way forerunners are chosen. Are through great great burdens, suffering, and sacrifice.

Most forerunners chosen to lead God’s kingdom are the ones who’ve been through a lot in their lives.
Drugs, Sex, Porn, Alcoholism, Murder, Trafficking, Narcissism, Pride, Anger, Beatings, Fights, etc.
All kinds of this. & To fully be aware of their actions and to be aware of what to do in how to solve the problem as well as a greater number, helps them to realize how much God loves them.

So in order to be a forerunner, you must know what suffering is and God will give you the wisdom on how to resolve the problem.

John the Baptist was a forerunner. All forerunners are the greatest sinners to have existed in the earth. Almost all the forerunners in the bible were actually the greatest sinners fallen before they became a forerunner. King David, Jacob, Cain, Samson, Samuel, Peter, Paul, etc.

In order to truly understand the will of God, & the love of God. Forerunners must sin the greatest & have the most suffering. It’s a process of metamorphosis. And out comes the butterfly, to now be fully transformed, and be aware, given by God’s wisdom into them, to now know what to do to resolve the matter.

But the awareness process takes a long time to develop. A Servant’s heart takes a long time.
Because you could be this very gifted & highly intelligent & wealthiest person, but you choose to use those gifts, fame, money, brainpower for your own glory. How arrogant & narcissistic you will become. How prideful you will be blossoming in your own. You may even be one of those good-looking people, who know and are fully aware that they are very good looking and get all the compliments/ girls. But you take advantage of the opportunity where women throw themselves at you and you fall deep into lust and womanizing. In the long run, you will forget about God, and you will become so arrogant into how attractive you are.

& then stage 2 is where it takes place…..
You then realize all of this self success is empty. All of this lust is just empty. There is no meaning behind it. All of it is only an illusion created by the enemy, and you have just been manipulated to go into it.
Which makes you realize you feel still lonely. No one truly loves you, they only love you for the moment, or by how successful you are at one point, but it could very well change the very next day, and your top status can immediately go back to zero hero.

Then stage 3 follows…
You are so lonely, that your self pride is your only friend. And the enemy whispers in more and more negative notions that confuse you and brainwash you to think that is the truth. which accumulates resentment against the closest people in your life, which creates anger inside you, and you hold onto grudges, and your heart becomes a COLD lump of coal. Bc in order for you to get out of loneliness, you think the best way is to be loved/praised/appreciated for what you do or what you are.. Like for example: You make a billion more dollars from stock market or made a 100 sales. And your entire company recognizes your success, the little cute secretary admires you, your boss highly praises you and all your employers highly recognize you and praise you. And this is what motivates you to keep on doing you. Bc you hunger for that self glory. But what’s happening is that in the long run, it’s creating a bigger and bigger ego, you get more arrogant than usual, and you become more of a narcissist than ever. & you think that you have the power, but you keep it all to yourself. Which also makes you very selfish & you have no heart to help anyone else around you anymore. You only care about yourself and doing whatever you can to make you alone happy. & there is no such thing as family in your circle anymore. Bc like I said you only care about yourself.

Then stage 4 follows:
But in the long run you are even MORE lonely than ever.
Bc the people who you thought were your friends are nothing more than just people just like you, selfish self-glorified people who only care about themselves. But praise you the most bc you are at a higher level then them, but would never stick out a neck for you bc they’re just like you, they love you for only the moment, but they keep their distance bc they only would do things that pertain to their self gain. So if you were ever in trouble or needed someone to talk to, they would not do you that favor.
You also thought your family would be there for you, which they are…but it’s even more broken bc of your selfishness.

Anyways long story short. You are lonely, and you are now understanding and fully aware of where you are. You face depression, suicidal contemplation, and your pride ridden by the enemy whispers to you more lies, and a part of you or at least a demon who came and settled inside your heart, tells you there is no such thing as God and theres no point to serve God.
But you go through this phase day by day, and it destroys you more and more. And you are filled in so much more darkness, and you keep on sinning more and more. And you have a criminal record, you end up going to jail, you end up digging yourself a bigger hole than ever, you return to the drugs, the bars, the lust, And you know you are a Christian and you believe that there is a God bc of that one miracle day that saved you from destruction years ago.

But now you are here in this one speed bump in your life….all bc your own pride & arrogance.
So then you do one thing that you should have done from the start, bc you have nothing to lose anymore.
It doesn’t take a day, it takes MONTHS. You ask yourself “lets just do this as an experiment. I want to see where it will take me if I WHOLEHEARTEDLY get deep into ABBA to know what my purpose is. Bc living for myself sucks!”

That was stage 5.
Stage 6 is….
God gives you wisdom. You are fully aware of how to resolve situations.
You are soo aware of your gifts. You know that there are more people who are suffering more than you are, but since you have the experience and you’ve been there before and know how to get out of it. You ask yourself. Do I keep this to myself and use my gifts for my own smartness to be praised by others again? OR do I use my gifts and knowledge to help those and resolve problems?

You know that it will take out a lot of time for yourself. You are fully aware you will lose sleep, you will not have a life for yourself, you are fully aware that you will be highly annoyed when people turn to you for the answers bc you enjoy your free-spirited independence without a ball and chain. But you ask yourself again. What’s more important here:
Your pride or LOVE?
Do you desire change in your friends? Do you desire God’s love to reach those who are struggling? Do you desire the kingdom of heaven to invade earth? OR do you not try and just let the world go with the flow?

Stage 7 Is here…

The pinnacle point of a forerunner.

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