Dream Interpret ME

I need a dream interpreter.

I’ve been having this dream for the 12th time.
All dreams are different but very similar theme and story line.
I have no idea what it means. And why am I having this same dream over and over again?
Been having these dreams once in a while, it started in November 2012.

1.)    The first dream I had was when I was prepping a massive crowd for battle, sharpening swords, providing armor, and teaching soldiers battle tactics.

2.)    The 2nd dream was like the first, but this time archangels were sharpening their swords behind us, and we were on our horses, ready to strike across the battlefield, storming throughout the lands to the evil that we see across the distance.

3.)    The 3rd dream, I was deployed in Afghanistan, being led by my army comrades, and they are smiling at me implying that everything is going to be okay. But I get scared, so I go to the recruiting office and asked, “why am I even being deployed? I never signed up for the army in the first place, who authorized this?” And the recruiting officer showed me the paperwork with the signature form and it said in print “GOD” signed this. I was really afraid to go into the warzone, so I looked up to the sky and asked “why are you making me do this?” The wind pushed me into the battlefield and I heard Him say “everything is going to be alright, don’t worry.”

4.)    The 4th dream is when I’m in a military training facility. Training my body to get stronger. Here I am doing a bunch of pullups. The entire dream was just me doing pullups. I did a thousand pullups.

5.)    The 5th dream, just like the previous one, only this time I’m helping others try to train and equipping them for battle. Teaching them how to get stronger in pullups too.

6.)    The 6th dream, the church I am walking in is falling apart, buildings falling apart, pillars breaking, sexual orgies and demons running amuck. Then a horde of zombies come flying at me, Here I am swinging my sword and attacking, then behind me out of nowhere my friends come help. The world is in terror, and I am trying to get women-children-elders-youth to safety, putting them on the helicopter, while I stay here and fight with my friends against the evil here.

7.)    The 7th to 9th Dream is training time. Doing more pullups.

8.)    The 10th dream is I’m being led by Christ into this very dark place, zombies, demons, torture, suffering, vampires, werewolves, monsters all exist there. I was very scared. But they could not touch me bc I had a cloak of armor and carried an illuminated sword. In this dream I am a kid at the mere age of 12yrs old. The world is coming to an end, everything is being destroyed, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, car accidents, banshees screaming, people dying left and right just like a warzone, and here I am praying, only to open eyes to find my old childhood youth pastor with his arms to embrace me in hugs and asks “how ive been, its been a long time since I seen you, i’ve missed you”

9.)    The 11th Dream, here I am being deployed into the Air Force, training soldiers in the dust and getting to know each platoon in a fellowship kinda form.

10.) The 12th Dream, was like a double dream, a dream inside of a dream, I fall asleep as the Air Force guy, and I wake up as a US Coast Guard, and here I am trying to take care of all regions, boundaries, looking out for people, and protecting all areas and people.  

Two Prophetic Pastors from IHOP-KC have told me that I am a Forerunner. I do not know what they mean by that. Anyways, this has been on my mind for a long time about my re-occuring dreams…its to the point where it’s bugging me now, bc I really want to know what it means and why am I having these dreams?

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