i am done with facebook

everything of the world is only a way to distract you from walking with the Lord to seek Him as the end goal. 
Facebook is just that, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Blogs, CNN, Media, every internet article you’ve come across, every single controversial topic about institutionalized systems or what something a church is doing, or the awareness check of some secular app’s mental affect, or a television following of christian celebrities can be help, but it can very well be more of a distraction too. 

bc at the end of the day. None of this matters. The only thing that really matters is Jesus.

The lest you worry about what the illuminati, freemasons, new world order, end of the world, the RFID chip, the government, the nations in war. yes the prophecy is coming true. yes we are in the end times. but we’re not meant to be the heroes. Jesus is the one who will come to save. 

boy do i hate watching news, movies, television, reading bias articles, facebook, youtube now. 
just walking with Jesus, this bible & prayer is the best gift in the world. something the world cannot equate to.

i literally hate facebook now. what a complete waste of time.

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