It’s more than OK to be Vulnerable!!!

God revealed this to me:

If everyone is a sinner, then why do we get so afraid to share or expose the hidden deepest darkest secrets within our hearts? It’s like we’re insecure. I think it’s because we are afraid of people who will judge us for the wrong we’ve done. But none of them have even the authority to judge either since they are just as much of a sinner as we are too. So it doesn’t even make complete sense to be afraid. And this is the lies whispered by the enemy to brainwash us and let fear to fill our hearts.

Because really we just want to be loved and appreciated and understood and accepted. That’s why we try so hard to fit into society, by living society’s standards.

We should just be as honest and open as possible with each other, it’s okay to be vulnerable to people.
By understanding this notion, you also understand that it doesn’t matter what people think of you anymore. God is the only who will judge us, not by action but by our hearts. And no one will truly understand each other, so of course judging will occur from people, although do not let this even bring you down, bc their judgment doesn’t even equate to God’s love for you. So in other words, YOU ARE FREE! Jesus gave you FREEDOM. Spread your wings and SOAR THROUGH THE SKY, bc it’s time to stop being afraid of your insecurities and be yourself the way He wanted you to be. No more ball and chain. No more being chained down. No more caring what people might think of you. They are no better than you are. We are all the same. We are all children of God.

Instead of bringing people down by condescending prayers, we should be exposing our secrets and be as vulnerable and honest and open with each other. So that we are now fully aware that all of us are sinners in camouflage, and it’s time to come together in unity as a strong one body community and harmonize fellowship, so that we can build each other up to grow together spiritually and align each part to God.

Each person is like a body part. That is why instead of judging each other’s sin VS building each sinner up is significantly imperative to know how to have a strong body of Christ (community).
How will a body be complete if it doesn’t have the foot or the hand or the head?
To make a complete body, all parts need to be in strong alignment, for correct navigation to reach God.

Through the establishment of the body, then spiritual portals open and channel out divine intervention throughout the entire body. Which is where God will reveal prophetic purpose & plan for all individually & corporately.



Because foreals though, I’ve never felt so FREE in my entire life.

I feel like i can say and do whatever i want to now in everyday life and not give a rat’s butt what people think about me or like i could care less if people stare at me. Bc i have God’s love and that’s the only thing that matters and is important to me!

2 thoughts on “It’s more than OK to be Vulnerable!!!

  1. Steve

    Cool!! We need to not worry about what others think, but to think more on what we can do to build others up…to love on them. To pray, “Lord, I give You my hands, feet, mind, mouth, etc. Please use me in whatever way You desire to bring the greatest glory, honor, and praise to You!!…for those You bring across my path today.” He does. We must be careful, though, with whom we share our innermost secrets and sins. They must be trustworthy. We must be as wise as serpents, but as innocent as doves.

    1. XraySilas Post author

      Its 2017, and im reading this post, and i dont know what i was thinking. This post also saddens me. The person who i was before is not the same person i am today. I am so deeply apologetic and remorseful for even publishing this garbage. But I am going to keep it to reveal my transparency and vulnerability to see how much progress i have made as a Christian Blogger.


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