this week has been very good bc i experienced intimacy with the Lord.

before, i was filled with arrogance, numbing my sensitivity. been trying to get the wax out of my ears. 

and now i cannot stop shedding tears every day.

His love for you is indescribable.

It’s sad too, bc now i can feel so much pain, hurt, and suffering in this world.

the holy spirit has revealed a spiritual vision like charles professor xavier when he wears that cerebro helmet. i can see many many people suffering. it’s very very heartbreaking and agonizing. 

I dont know why God is revealing all the pain to me. 

I cannot stop balling.



Pray for Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel, North Korea, the Human Sex Trafficking, our Government in USA. 

and eversince i experienced intimacy with Jesus. I think it’s changed me personally. I’m deeply humbled, and I’ve become very quiet and shy around people…

Must be some kind of transformation spiritual presence.
Where there’s intimacy, leads to purity and innocence?

Oh and great news.

Earlier last week, I had the opportunity to heal someone for the very first time. It was unbelievable. I’ve never done anything like that in my entire life


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