2 types of Christians: Lukewarm VS Heart

There are 2 types of Christians

1.) Existing in the Mind


2.) Chasing the Heart


I had a talk about this with few friends.

They were like, “Oh so cuss or drink or smoke or party defines my salvation?
Jesus came and saved me, so he doesnt judge me for doing those things, bc he looks at my heart not my actions.”

That may be true but if you did get salvation from the savior Christ.
Then do you think it’s okay to just be content with where you are in your christian walk and stay in inertia? which means to still continue doing the worldly things you do.

I think that is just sad. to just accept what reality thinks is reality.

but REAL reality is what you expect your heart’s intentions to be.

Why just stay content with where you are? instead seek for more, seek truth, seek the answers.

Oh so my mom has cancer. am i just going to face the truth and accept that she is going to die?
or am i gonna give it all i got and press into the father to find the truth, that i just know he really loves me and wouldnt want my own mom to die in my arms.

1.) Exisiting in the Mind type christians, are christians who are filled in a church environment where they do not talk about the holy spirit, but are very word based. They do not believe in prophets after the bible. They do not believe in Healing.
Church is just so mechanical and robotic –how i feel…after attending there…
and when I talk about revelations God reveals to me through dreams and the prophetics, and i talk about ihop/bethel’s teachings…it’s like they think I’m crazy. and send me concerned looks and condescending prayers. & for a long time they just didnt believe in the essence of prayer nor the presence of the holy spirit, BUT now today they finally do after I’ve been trying to tell them for 9yrs it exists.

Yet bc of these christians who exist in the mind, they have not experienced what the holy spirit is and the presence of God. They exist in the mind soo much that they’ve forgotten their heart. And the heart is actually a beacon of how the holy spirit can speak to us.
These christians rely on the biblical science to the point where there is not a loving heart for others even strangers.

and you know after being a member of this conservative church for the past 9yrs. I see now how God developed me into the person He always wanted me to be. that now it makes sense why I was always an outcast in that conservative church, and why it makes so much sesne why  I fit right in to the new church I am apart of. Why it makes so much sense why my new church feels like family and home to me.

Bc being smart doesnt matter, being the intelligent person doesnt mean anything in the end. at the end of it all it’s just worldly knowledge / useless information. yes it can be the beginning of wisdom. but Jesus doesnt recognize you as an einstein, he sees who you are in your heart.

2.) Chasing after his Will christians are people who hungry to learn more through the action of seeking and pressing onto more.

To Be Continued…

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