man God….just loves.

gained another revelation.

He wants me to do what He gifted me in: the arts. That’s where I found my joy in.
music, rap/perform, murals, dance, film, acting.

and that i dont gotta worry no more about the $. He’s got my back.
He wants me to pursue acting. Just not now yet, bc I will crumble if I went to hollywood now…gotta get strong in Him first.

He released me into secular music now. Havent listened to this stuff in AGES!!!!

Muse, Green Day, Linkin Park, Radiohead, Keane, Coldplay, Foo Fighters.
Wow. I miss listening to this stuff. the Rock, The Punk. So good!

It’s a gift!

It’s cuz after I’ve stayed so committed to seeking Him, I didnt do it out of religion. I did it to find His love.
And Now having him close, I’m learning so much more.
And Now lately, he’s been revealing my past in the present! Of the things i did when i was younger, and why i liked these things, and who i really am.
such as bringing back to the stuff I used to be about before I came to seek out God.
like ART, Music, Dance. & Punk Rock.

I remember this one time He spoke to me. I asked why did you pick me out of a trillion people on earth to be called? He told me it’s bc of my tender heart. I have a heart of gold. I cannot stand to see people suffer. And I fight for justice.


so true.


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