no hidden agenda

“I can just talk to you or hang out, with no hidden agenda. Just as we are supposed to be, a sister to a brother in Christ. I dont have to just hang out with you one on one and recieve weird looks or perceptions thinking that it’s some kind of flirt game”-SK

that’s what i believe too. and i have always approached people in that way since the day i was a little kid. i just saw girls only as just as much as i saw my guy friends. EQUAL. never did i objectify them or look at them as if i wanted to hook up with them.

So if I go ahead and ask for your phone number, it means I want to talk to you later!
Since when does asking for the number automatically refers to trying to hook up. That’s wack….and i now know why….bc its a worldly mentality.

Old vid. But I stand by this.

Read the part of Segregation.

I really do think genders should not be split. it’s not healthy & it DOES not keep innocence. genders are supposed to come together as one like a big family. Just did Mary Magdalene that hung out with the 12 disciple crew.

You think just bc she is a female, its only right to exclude them?
OR if he’s a guy, he has no place to have fellowship amongst the sisters?

the worldly mentality is if a guy wants to hang out with a girl. the automatic notion is the motive to hook up. that’s the dumbest thing ive ever heard. 
and this was a church leader who told me this..

cmon bro….



if im gonna hook up with a girl. I’m not gonna fiddle the bush, she will KNOW that i’m interested. I’m gonna straight up ask her out. that’s how she will know.

I’m not the type to just be like oh heyy girl…yo man…that’s stupid.

anways my point no hidden agenda. lets just be finally brothers and sisters. what we are called to be: HEAVEN SIBLINGS

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